abc new summer / today

You thought the TV season was over? Well apparently we were wrong.. ABC will begins new episodes of Better Off Ted on Tuesday June 23rd at 9PM ET. Coool. 🙂 ..ABC will also be airing the final episodes of the canceled sitcoms Samantha Who? and In The Motherhood back-to-back starting Thursday June 25th at 8PM ET. ABC will also air the remaining episodes of Cupid starting Tuesday June 16th at 10PM ET.. And in related news, ABC will be pulling next Wednesday’s new Surviving Suburbia in order to air a second new episode of The Goode Family (ugh, the only reason I watched Goode is gone.. so hooray?)..

I awoke in the morning and finished the previous entry, then I got on PlayStation Home for a little while.. My dad returned from dialysis and I let him watch his Price Is Right.. but eventually took it back once he was done with it and.. returned to PlayStation Home. But then I pretty much played inFamous for the rest of the afternoon. I got some missions taken care of, then caused enough mayhem to turn my electricity red (and made a separate game save with it).. then unlocked three or four more trophies too (thought I’d be going around and around that train track for forever). :p

At about 6PM, I shut it off and got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Castle (another pretty good episode..) and Flashpoint (very good episode.. one more to go 😦 ), then caught the rest of a local baseball game on TV.. before watching The Soup (lol). And.. that was about it again.. Blah.

Oh yeah, I find quite odd that I can’t see the new PlayStation Blog Europe. What. are they blocking some countries from viewing the site? When I go there, there’s either nothing at all or a “400 Bed Request”. I was only able to view it the first day (yesterday).. then that was it. Ugh. The Home managers have been getting annoyed about all the information that’s posted by the EU before the US.. See ya.

[ Army Chief – US Able To Fight N Korea If Necessary ]
[ Warmonger Obama Takes Pentagon To Defcon 2 ]
[ Army Base In KY Shuts Down After Spate Of Suicides ]
[ Enhanced Thermobaric Weapons Used In Afghanistan ]
[ Iraq Faces Mother Of All Corruption Scandals ]
[ Millionaires Go Missing ]
[ Manipulation – How Markets Really Work ]
[ Chávez Distributes ‘Must Read’ Books In Venezuela ]
[ Gay Teen Voted Prom Queen At LA High School ]
[ Global Warming Causes 300,000 Deaths A Year ]


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