Saturday 05.23.2009 — [insert too-long PR RPM quote from entry here] + pr rpm 16-17 titles

A secondhand source at Rangerboard has again confirmed more Power Rangers RPM episode titles. Episode 1916: “In Or Out”.. will premiere on July 4th. :p The following week, July 11th, will see the debut of episode 1917: “Prisoners”. The weeks of July 18th and July 25th will then be more repeats..

I awoke pretty early in the morning.. and soon watched Reno 911! (lol), The Soup Presents (haha), Free Radio (lol.. aww, finale already), Batman: The Brave And The Bold (this episode reminded me of Nightwing.. an origin episode about him would be cool), Transformers Animated (the last episode ever, hooray! ..fell asleep like halfway through, then tried watching that part again.. and fell asleep again.. oh well *delete*) and four more episodes of Get Smart: Season 2 (lol, especially @ the “all Asians looks alike” bit.. bet they’d never pull off something like that on TV today.. the Asian woman was hott.. then I remember that she must be really old by now, since this show is nearly 40 years old.. six episodes to go).

At about the time Power Rangers RPM started, I began feeling somewhat weak. I didn’t know why. So I watched episode 1913: “Brother’s Keeper”. What a great episode this week. I really enjoyed it. Ziggy: “Is there a reason why you won’t call us by our real names?” Dr K: “There’s a reason for everything.” That was a real Zordon moment, wasn’t it? :p Too bad all the reasons may not be revealed though.. During the episode, my Code Geass Part 3 DVD arrived in the mail. Yay. Now my Season 1 is finally complete. Bring on Season 2. Best Buy better stock the damn thing on July 21st..

I got online for a bit. I was still weak, yet wanted to go to the grocery store. In fact, I’ve wanted to go since Thursday. So even though I was feeling all weak, we got ready and heeded over to the grocery store. As I walked through the store, the weak feeling got worse and worse. And they didn’t even have what I was looking for. Damnit. My dad noticed I wasn’t feeling good, but barely mentioned it.. and actually laughed a few times..

We returned home and I was feeling worse than ever. The weakness was now joined by what felt like a fever (but not to the touch) and my throat got really dry and hot too. Also, I had brief bouts of pain throughout my body. I got online for a bit, but my dad complained.. so I returned to the living room and then fell asleep.. for about five hours.. I woke a couple times, but the horrible feeling consisted. It eventually went away for the most part by the end of those five hours. I took some tylenol and that helped a bit.. then I soon got online again as slight headache came on. And I nearly fell down a couple times.. *sigh*

And.. that was pretty much it.. Still not feeling all that great. 😦 My thinks it was my blood sugar acting up, but I think it’s more likely to be my recent lack of sleep. One night, I think I only slept for like three hours. A few other nights I’d go to sleep at about 2 or 3AM, then wake up at 6 or 7AM. :/ ..See ya..

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