Sunday 01.25.2009 —

I awoke in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday.. And then I watched Bleach (Adult Swim started early again.. I missed the first few minutes even though I added a couple minutes to each side on the DVR, grr.. didn’t look like I missed anything though.. of course), Code Geass (another great episode 🙂 ), two episodes of My Name Is Earl (the recent two-parter.. was surprised when something was left unresolved.. for now), Kath & Kim (lol), CSI NY (pretty good episode), Knight Rider (wow, all that build up over the last few weeks for such a short fight.. and is there even a chance for a rematch? damn, I was expecting at least a two-parter.. otherwise, I thought it was a great episode.. but then the new mission statement was mentioned that the end and I was all “oh well, good while it lasted”.. and then the preview for next week just cemented that opinion).

My dad was really sleepy.. and slept most of the morning. But I finally decided to just go ahead and watch a bunch of stuff on the PS3 (it even gave me the “under 500MB left” warning, so I’d better). And so I watched Kyle XY (very good episode, hehe), two episodes of Leverage (especially liked the western bank robbery episode 😉 ) and an episode of Crusoe (it was alright). And instead of scheduling another DVD set for this week, I think I’ll use that time to empty the PS3 even more.

My dad took over the TV by 4PM. He slept a lot, then had some sort of paperwork to do before that.. I returned to my room and got online for a bit, but then moved to the bedroom DVR at last and watched two episodes of Gossip Girl (caught up on this anyway.. pretty good.. then ran out of time already :/).. We had some supper and soon watched Funniest Videos.

In primetime, not much was new. So I jut DVRed the new cartoons my dad doesn’t like anyway and watched two episodes of 24 and got all caught up with that show too. Since all of CBS are reruns, I’ll probably watch all of FOX instead.. so glad I got caught up. My dad wasn’t all that interested though. He went to bed early.. so once it was over, I got my PS3 online and checked out Home. Particularly Japan’s crashed UFO. lol @ the orange cheese design for the ship and radar for your homespace. Then they made the alien itself tiny and resemble a cat. :p

My dad just happened to wake up right before 11PM, as if expecting to be able to watch the news. But he didn’t say anything. He just sat there that whole time. I also got on Lego Star Wars for a bit.. but started feeling sleepy, so I shut it off. And then I returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

[ Barack Obama Already Attacking Pakistan ]
[ Obama’s Team Turns To EU Bank For Inspiration ]
[ We Need Constitutional, Not Just Economic, Recovery ]
[ Gaza Soil Devastation Due To DU, Phosphorus ]
[ Iran To Pay For Gaza Aid ]
[ Israel Turns Its Evil To Iran After Gaza ]
[ BBC Crisis Over Gaza Broadcast Appeal Refusal ]
[ Cowardly Decision Betrays BBC Values ]
[ Near Total Zionist Jewish UK Media Control ]
[ The Jewish Media Power In Great Britain ]
[ Priest Denies Nazis Killed Millions Of Jews ]
[ Hidden History – Khazar Empire, The Illuminati & The NWO ]
[ Makow – Katyn Massacre: The Story Hollywood Won’t Tell ]
[ Video: USOs – Unidentified Submerged Objects ]


2 Responses to “Sunday 01.25.2009 —”

  1. anonymous Says:

    I just wanted to comment about Adult Swim starting early. What is up with that? I too add a few mins to the start of the episode and I still miss a few seconds at times. I’m thinking I may start a “Manual Recording” each week to record both Bleach & Geass plus add like 5 mins in the front and end of the hour. I don’t know. It’s just annoying.

    By the way, you didn’t miss much with Bleach since they showed pretty much the ending of the last ep. Although they did have a very nice new intro.

  2. prometheusufo Says:

    If these shows aired back to back, I used to DVR both shows in one recording by changing the end time of the first one to after the second show. But now I can’t do that or the “Manual Recording” thing thanks to this crappy new software. It only gives me the option to end the DVRing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 15, 30, 60mins etc after the show’s over. No more exact time setting. Grr. But oddly enough, I can now overlap recordings on one channel. :/

    Time Warner / Bright House Cable made this new software in-house, so they don’t have to pay another company to use it. Probably why it was changed to something good to utter crap.

    But yeah, I’ve barely gotten the start of Bleach the last few weeks and now this. Maybe I should try 3 or 4 minutes next weekend. :/

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