no news again.. damnit / today

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while. My dad was making serious business out of the extended local news coverage about our recent snow storm. We got quite a bit out front over the last 12 hours or so. And the local news claimed downtown got 10 inches of it. Wow.. We had some breakfast and watched a little morning TV, but I otherwise spent it online.. After noon, my dad went outside.. for a couple hours.. to clean off the car.. and I took over the TV. I watched two more episodes of Crash (great ending to the season, I’d definitely purchase this series on disc if the price were good enough πŸ™‚ ).

Then I watched my Hulk Vs Blu-ray. Hulk vs Wolverine was definitely the better of the two. I was surprised by how violent it really was, then was offput a little by Deadpool’s endless joking while all that violence was going on. He was funny, but still. :p “Oh, you cut my arm off.. could you give me a hand? Haha! … No, that’s okay. I’ll get it.” *re-attaches* That actually happened. Sorry for the spoiler.. Hulk Vs Thor was pretty good too though. This is likely the best Marvel Animated Features title they’ve done so far. Keep this up, plz. πŸ™‚ My only gripe is how the plot just whizes by soo fast. You barely have time to ingest a plot point before the next one comes along.. Now I’m wondering if I should restart Wolverine And The X-Men from the beginning now, or start from where I left off — the sequel (yet no-doubt less violent) “Wolverine Vs Hulk” episode. :/

I spent the rest of the afternoon playing Lego Star Wars. Awesome. I’m starting to tire of it a little though. And I’m tired of waiting for Little Big Planet to go on sale again. I may just buy it at the beginning of the month and get it over with. Looks like an awesome game. And I was able to play it for a couple hours in beta before it expired. Fun.. We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather..

In primetime, we watched Knight Rider (first episode in the new format.. it wasn’t that bad I guess.. but I found it difficult to stayed interested for part of it *shrug* could be that I’ve never liked hostage situation episodes of any show), Lost (wow, another great episode πŸ™‚ ) and last night’s two episodes of Scrubs (lol.. ugh Sesame Street.. though the ballad-y cover of “Sesame Street” near the end was a nice touch :p ). My dad saw the latter and went to bed rather quick. He doesn’t like Scrubs..

I’ve been hanging around Justin.TV lately.. cuz I’m a perv. The older I get, the worse it looks. My 26th birthday’s on Sunday. 😦 I swear I was a teenager when I started liking teen girls. Damnit.. But at least I’m not one of these idiots I see screaming “show” to these underage girls. Ugh. I’m shy even in chat rooms (and having an attractive girl on cam doesn’t help that). It took me quite a while just to stop lurking back in the good old days on SciFi’s dominon chat. And yet I put every single detail here. Weird. But even if I wasn’t shy, I wouldn’t be all “show”. That’s just retarded.. Justin.TV also has channels that broadcast movies and MST3k, so I also check them out. As well as a few gaming channels…. See ya.

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