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I awoke in the morning and got online, but then watched another Cinematic Titanic (lol, so bad.. the movie, I mean.. so it was good?), followed by Robot Chicken (lol). My dad soon returned home from dialysis and we watched Ellen. Then he saw his news. I eventually took over and watched last night’s Simpsons (haha).

But then my dad wanted to go out.. so I went with him. I went to the library just to print something (from my gmail), then we visited the grocery store for a few more things. We returned home and I watched American Dad (lol). But then I just played Lego Star Wars for about 90 minutes (episode 3 complete, yay).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. My dad wasn’t feeling good since he didn’t get in his usual post-dialysis nap, so he went to bed. I wrote some more Truth-Seekers: Prometheus. Yup, that’s the title.. for now. The story of Prometheus sorta describes the main plot I have planned for this series, plus its a bit more cryptic (or a whole lot more) than the other (more lame) one-word title I had in mind. Heehee.

My dad was still sleeping in primetime, so I watched Battlestar Galactica all night.. even though he woke up like 5 minutes into it.. I watched “10 Things You Need To Know” recap thingy, then the first two last episodes. Wow, boring. Except for the few-and-far-between events that are exciting. But I think I’ve said that quite a few times about this series already, so.. After that, we watched tonight’s House (very good episode.. and next week looks even better 🙂 ).. and then I returned to my room for the night..

Oh hey, my 26th birthday’s on Sunday. Huh. Oh well. See ya.

[ Obama’s Approval Dives 15% In Less Than A Week ]
[ Kenyan Parliament On Obama’s Birth There ]
[ Obama Warns For Increased US Dead ]
[ Obama To Reverse Bush Car Pollution Rules ]
[ Obama… ‘A**hole Of The Month’ – Flynt ]
[ Undoing The Bush Damage ]
[ Brown – Crisis Is Birth Pangs Of A New World Order ]
[ Brown – Recession Must Not Stop Globalization ]
[ Bad News, We’re Back In ’31 – Good News, It’s Not ’33 Yet ]
[ Caterpillar, Sprint, Home Depot Cut 61,000 Jobs ]
[ BoA And Citi Could Fail Despite Bailouts ]
[ BBC Gaza Fund Ban Is Deadly – Galloway ]
[ Murdoch’s Sky News Joins BBC Gaza Aid Appeal Ban ]
[ Google Plans To Make PCs History With GDrive ]
[ Evidence Of Solar Manipulation? And Solar Changes ]
[ Benjamin Fulford’s ‘Creature’ (?) ]
[ British Top Guns Ordered To Shoot UFOs ]
[ UFO Hacker’s Extradition Case To Be Reviewed ]


2 Responses to “no news / today”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Project Prometheus

    From Smallville Wiki

    Project Prometheus is a LuthorCorp project intended for the survival of Lex Luthor. The project is a specialized suit that grants the wearer abilities and allows them to survive.

  2. prometheusufo Says:

    My silly little UFO research project over a decade ago was titled Project Prometheus. And then NASA used the same title in 2003. I recall using “Prometheus” in my stories once before and now I am again.

    Smallville’s Project Prometheus started more recently.. and not to mention: thanks so much for the spoilers! :/

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