Saturday 01.24.2009 — “This is SO uncool!” *vented*

Now that the network order for his new series Cupid has already been cut down from 13 episodes to just eight, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas now has some time on his hands. And so he’s starting production on a Veronica Mars movie. Coooool. 🙂 And apparently, it looks like filming already begins in March..? Hmm..

PlayStation Home is having a very cool UFO event in their Central Plaza.. in Japan. Damnit. There’s a crashed UFO in the water, an alien gives you a radar for your homespace, and asks for you to watch for UFOs between the apartments and the theater. And there’s also an alien costume for sale in the mall..? Wow.. Damnit, US Home. Get in gear, already. 😡

I awoke in the morning to my alarm. Then I eventually took over the TV and watched Best Week Ever (Doug Benson was good.. but everything else.. eh..), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (wow, another great episode 🙂 ) and Batman: The Brave And The Bold (wow, another good episode for this series.. still surprised, due to all the mediocrity that came before it). My dad woke up and took off on some errands.. while I got online for a while. So it looks like the usotsuki encode is the only version of Dragon Knight episode 3 right now. It doesn’t work in my PS3.. and I’m not able to re-encode it for some reason (it stops at 9MB every time). I have all episodes on the living room DVR, but still.. 😦 I’m thinking about making a new torrent once the first hiatus break starts and I want the best encodes for each episode. I currently have all encodes for each episode and have a pretty good idea which ones are the best so far. I also have some promo images, interviews and trailers to include as “bonus features”. :p

Once it hit 11:30, I watched the new episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (great episode, it’s getting better and better every week 🙂 ). After that was over, I watched the final six episodes of Get Smart: Season 1 (I was going to stop at three.. but I didn’t want to leave it in the middle of a two-parter.. and then there were only two left, so.. yeah.. I’m pretty likely to get Season 2 in March now, as long as it’s at a good price like this one was).

Some race was on, so I let my dad watched that for a bit. Then I wanted to fit in some TV episodes (I’m getting behind, just because a lot of the shows are ones my dad likes as well), but he decided to waste the time by channel surfing, finding a show he’d already seen many many times.. and then falling asleep. But I had given up by the channel surfing part and got online for a while a bit angered instead.

So I got online for a while, then eventually had some supper and wrote some more Truth-Seekers (the “new team” is forming, heehee). Then my dad and I watched a syndicated rerun of Family Guy (could be watching this on DVD uncensored, but oh well.. lazy.. lol), followed by Game Show In My Head (lol.. might as well get it out of the way tonight). Then I got online.. again. I was really wanting to watch some bedroom DVRings since it’s already full again.. but.. didn’t get around to it again. Two weeks behind on Gossip Girl & Supernatural now. 😦 I hope I can get to them tomorrow.. but knowing me, I probably won’t..

Ah well. See ya.

[ Video: The Lies – Do You Trust What The Media Tells You? ]
[ Cell Phones Can & Are Being Used As Bugs ]
[ Barack Obama Orders Air Strikes On Pakistan ]
[ McCain Now Obama’s Top Senate Ally (Surprise Not) ]
[ Obama Warns Republicans To Quit Listening To Rush ]
[ ‘Stealth Tax’ On Recession Victims ]
[ Obama’s ‘Bad Bank’ More Bad News ]
[ Cheney Slams Bush For Not Pardoning Scooter ]
[ Iran Gets Yellow Cake Smear Treatment ]
[ Israel Admits Using White Phosphorous ]
[ Gaza – 100,000 Homeless, 400,000 No Water ]
[ FDA OKs Human Embryonic Stem Cell Study ]
[ New Strain Of MRSA Found In US Pigs ]
[ Frogs May Be Eaten To Extinction ]
[ Winged Mammal – Or A New Species ]


5 Responses to “Saturday 01.24.2009 — “This is SO uncool!” *vented*”

  1. anonymous Says:

    kamen.rider.dragon.knight.s01e03.pdtv.xvid-walmart is up on usenet. some group called Walmart released an encode of episode 3, their own rip/enc.

    if you ask nicely, i could download it for you, and re-up it somewhere?

    let me know. they also did encodes of 1 and 2 (pdtv source).

  2. anonymous Says:

    I’d recommend the PDTV rips of them all, with the DVDrip of e01 as a bonus, along with whatever you’ve got lying about.

  3. sonicalpha Says:

    Veronica Mars the movie? I think I just blew my load… yep, I did.

  4. prometheusufo Says:

    Yup, I have all three Wa;mart encodes so far. ACO’s encode of episode 4 seems like it might be better than even theirs though (the direct download linked in the entry). And I was going to make the dvdrip e01 the primary. Hm..

  5. prometheusufo Says:

    Plus, ETACH’s e04 encode isn’t that great even though they’ve been around a while. Mainly because they cut off the opening recap. 😦

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