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Jack Olesker, who had apparently done some uncredited work early on for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, has joined RangerBoard for some discussion. He wrote the series bible and worked on the series during the show’s first season.. Cooool. 🙂

The man who was so nice to provide these early ads on the DVDTalk forums is now unemployed, so these will be his final ads. Good luck finding another job, Speedy. And so possibly for the final time.. click the corresponding retailers for their ad for the week of February 1st to 7th: Best Buy & Target. Only two titles I want this week, and I’m hoping for cheaper Blu-ray prices on them elsewhere. Both stores will offer Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Zack & Miri Make A Porno for just $16.99 on DVD or $26.99 on Blu-ray. And perhaps I’ll stock up on some DVD-Rs at Best Buy as well (50pk for $14.99). Hmm..

TVShowsOnDVD now has larger looks at cover art for Disney’s DVD releases of X-Men, Volume 1 & Volume 2.. and that about it for now. Still no other details, except that it’s being released in Canada too. The two 2-disc sets are expected in stores on April 28th.. Meanwhile, Wolverine & The X-Men will have its first DVD released on April 21st. Volume 1: Heroes Return Trilogy will include the first three episodes of the series and some neato special features. All three of these releases are timed for the theatrical release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine on May 1st. :p

I awoke in the morning, had some breakfast, and soon got ready.. and then I soon went out media buying. Hooray.

Only one stop this week, and fortunately so. A few inches of snow had fallen overnight and quite a bit more was expected within hours. So I headed to Best Buy and picked up the Hulk Vs Blu-ray Disc. The two Best Buy exclusive trading card packs look to be one for each short movie: Hulk Vs Wolverine & Hulk Vs Thor. The two-disc DVD only has one trading card pack. I wonder which one. Hmm. I hear Wolverine pushes its PG-13 rating, so I’m interested in seeing that one more. “Intense Bloody Animated Violence”, the rating states. Niiice. The second movie’s PG-13 rating drops those first two adjectives and only adds “Action”.

Best Buy had the Hulk Vs Blu for $24.99, but I price-matched Target’s price of $19.99 and added a $5 Reward Zone certificate on top of that. So I got it for about $16 total.. I got an icee (yes, with snow on the ground) then soon returned home. We watched some Ellen, then my dad saw some news before heading out again for a couple groceries he forgot and decided he couldn’t live without during the coming snow storm.

I got online to inventory the new disc, then watched Crusoe (oh, that was pretty good), CSI (finally got around to Part 2, damn.. great episode.. I’ll miss you, Grissom *tear*).. and another Crusoe (yes, catching up now.. this one was pretty good too). And then I just played Lego Star Wars for a few more hours (still can’t believe how many studs are stowed away in Episode 4 Chapter 1.. I collected around 150,000 in just that one level alone, just like in the PS2 version.. awesome).

At 6PM, I got online to news-gather. And then in primetime, we watched last night’s 24 (great episode.. and this is why I don’t like my dad being all selective in watching shows like this.. he got into it again due to the action and I had to catch him up on what was happening 😐 ), Fringe (great episode.. though now I’m starting to worry it’s losing things I liked about the show early on.. I get that it doesn’t have to be about Massive Dynamic every week just like the alien mythology in X-Files, but I miss them now 😦 ..and I’m worried it’s also losing that Lost-esque vibe and is feeling more “mainstream” than it was.. but at least it still doesn’t seem as boring as those first few episodes *shrug*) and Primetime: What Would You Do? (nice). And then I returned to my room for the night..

See ya.

[ Iran Moves To Hold War Crimes Tribunal ]
[ Rumsfeld To Be Tried For War Crimes? ]
[ Media Silence – Fitzgerald Subpoenas Obama Staff ]
[ Obama’s Mandatory Youth Corps – The Draft ]
[ Obama Brainwashing, Worship In 1st Grade Class ]
[ World Recession Claims 80,000 Jobs In A Day ]
[ Bank Bailout Could Cost Four Trillion ]
[ Pelosi – Birth Control Will Help US Economy ]
[ ‘Ailing’ Citi Buying $50M Private Jet ]
[ Illegal Mexicans Sending Less Cash Home ]
[ Wikipedia To Screen, Control Entries ]
[ UK Data Bill Will Wipe Out Privacy At A Stroke ]
[ Zionists Linked To BBC Gaza Relief Blackout ]
[ ‘We Will Never Work For The BBC Again’ ]
[ Oregon Students Don’t Need To Learn English, Math ]
[ Turn Your Home Into A WiFi Death House! ]
[ It’s Snowing On Mars ]
[ UFOs Appear Over UK Pub – Power Goes Out ]


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