Sunday 07.27.2008 —

The DVD burner defected again. Damnit. So I had to shut the whole computer down just to unplug and replug the thing again. It shows up under Computer correctly again, but I don’t want to try burning another DVD for a bit.. I woke next morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. Looks like I’m going to Wal-Mart for Freakazoid: Season 1. Best Buy’s $24.99 is just a bit too high, but Wal-Mart’s $18.86 is a bit more reasonable for a 2 1/2-disc, 14 episode set.. that I’ve been waiting for for years. Dunno why they made one double-sided. Yuck.

Next, I watched Shin Chan (lol), Bleach (cool), Cowboy Bebop (yup, I gave it a 2584968th chance.. this particular episode wasn’t bad), Code Geass (awesome episode) and Reality Bites Back (horrible episode). My dad awoke somewhere in there and we had some breakfast. Then we eventually watched my next Netflix selection — Over Her Dead Body. For a comedy, it sure took a while to get funny. But in the end, we both liked it. It was an alright movie..

Once my dad’s NASCAR race started, I got back online for a while. I was wanting to play my PS2 for the first time since moving it into my room permanently, but I got too into things on the computer.. and pretty much stayed in front of it all day. :/ Eventually, we had some supper and watched Funniest Videos. Then I watched Don’t Mess With The Zohan (it follows a rather basic comedy movie formula, but I liked it). My dad just.. went to bed early..

So I burned a couple more DVDs today. I waited at least 30 minutes between them, but now I guess I know even that is not enough. The second one completed “successfully”, but some of the disc’s files were corrupted or something. *sigh* I guess I’m just destined to not be happy. Ever..

See ya. 😦

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2 Responses to “Sunday 07.27.2008 —”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Jesus, Prommy. You’re truly just…disappointing. Disappointing.

  2. anonymous Says:

    try verifying your discs.

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