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Possibly due to how highly popular their exclusive 300 DVD gift set became, Best Buy is already providing online pre-orders for their upcoming exclusive DVD gift sets for Iron Man and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Iron Man comes with a helmet replica, while Indiana Jones will feature a crystal skull replica. Nice.. especially the latter. Each will also include the Special Edition DVD and a $50 gift card. They are currently going for only $49.99 each.. If you don’t feel like spending so much, Transworld stores (such as FYE) are already taking pre-orders for a 2-disc steelbook Special Edition of Iron Man.. Expect Iron Man on DVD & Blu-ray on September 30th, while the new Indiana Jones adventure will arrive in October..

Paramount sure cannot wait to close the book on this series. They have scheduled The 4400: The Complete Series for DVD release on October 28th. It will include all the episodes and special features from the previous season DVD sets, plus a bonus 15th disc of new special features. Great. And the cover art looks to be foil. Nice. but I already have all four seasons separately, so my repurchase is highly unlikely..

BBC America has announced that they will be the US home for the brief third season of Torchwood. Yup, all five episodes will premiere on the network in 2009… Meanwhile the syndicated series Wizard’s First Rule has been retitled to Legend of the Seeker.

In case you forgot, the anime series Gurren Lagann (from the company behind Furi Kuri & Evangelion) will make its dubbed debut on the SciFi Channel’s Ani-Monday block this coming Monday night at 11PM ET. Two new back-to-back episodes are currently scheduled to air every week. The current US DVD release only contains the original Japanese audio tracks. The English tracks will be included on a later bilingual DVD release, so SciFi’s the only place to see the English dub at this time. :/

I awoke pretty early in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry. Damnit.. Then I watched three more episodes of 4400: Season 4 (coool.. two to go..). My dad returned home from dialysis and we had a late breakfast. We then watched The Gong Show (Triumph The Insult Comic Dog made this the best episode yet.. and I doubt any other episodes will beat it because this show’s pretty lame), then my dad went to bed for another nap. He really doesn’t like doing it, but it’s the only way to alleviate his weak feeling. 😦

I watched the first MST3k episode in a while (the one I fell asleep during.. and again today.. moving on..), then played some more GTA IV. I actually tried to beat a mission a couple times, but failed and rampaged the rest of the time. lol @ U.L. Paper’s phone calls after the rampages.. My dad was bored once he woke up, so he wouldn’t quit with the depressing talk. If you remember, he overdrafted his bank account and still has no idea how. We’re almost out of food and we both don’t get anymore funds until next Friday. Then my dad has to pay off the overdraft, making for a tight August as well. 😦 I’m at least considering not getting most of Tuesday’s DVDs until Friday and using the remaining money for groceries instead, like I’ve done before..

I shut it off before 6PM, then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 8PM. I took over the TV once again since there was nothing on tonight and watched the final two episodes of 4400: Season 4. Great episodes, especially the finale. It does end on a bit of an open-ended note, but at least it’s not cliffhangery. It’s been a while since I last saw the finale, so I found it hard to notice what was added in the director’s cut version which is about three minutes longer than the TV version (also included). Some parts seemed new during the very end, but.. *shrug* It was announced canceled early in the year, about the time production would have started.. if the writers’ strike still hadn’t been happening. I’m thinking it was possible it may have been canned just because they couldn’t start production in time for their usual summer season. 😦

We watched The Soup (lol.. especially @ appearances by Keith Olbermann and Simon Pegg) and The Soup Presents (hahaha), then I returned to my room for the night..

When I wrote The Prisoner, I truly had no idea there was a short-lived TV series in the 1960s by the same name.. and has a somewhat similar plot. And now AMC is making an updated miniseries version to premiere on the network in 2009. I doubt it even attempts to touch the material I explored in my story though.. I’ve been considering getting back to Meta Theta Pi for a while now, maybe retitling and editing.. or starting it over from scratch. Make the more interesting stuff begin right away instead of holding it off as long as I did.. *shrug*

See ya.

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