Saturday 07.26.2008 —

I awoke in the morning.. at 4AM. The alarm went off. I had no recollection to setting it to that early, or turning it on. So it must have been our cat. He just enjoys standing on top of it. :/ So I got up and finished the previous entry, then.. slept s’more. Hours later, I awoke and eventually had some breakfast.. and reclaimed the TV. I watched Best Week Ever (lol), Degrassi TNG (very good episode), Swingtown (cool) and Fear Itself (Brandon Routh & Shiri Appleby, nice.. good episode too).

My dad went to the.. food handout place to try and sustain us a bit further toward Friday. I offered to buy some groceries, but he said to just buy groceries for myself. Oookay.. He soon fell asleep, so no movies again today. Instead, I played GTA IV for a few hours. I mostly rampaged, of course. My dad woke up and got pissed once it was time for his IndyCar race. So I shut it off and returned to my room. Even though rampaging is starting to seem boring, I still find it hard to stop. That’s not anything new though.. Before rampaging, I did find the boat junkyard with two half-sunken boats. That was pretty cool.

I returned to my room and got online, but not for very long. I soon went to the bedroom DVR and watched the 7/5 episodes of Naruto (wanted to be caught up in time for tonight..). We had some supper, then I soon returned to my room and watched Naruto The Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel. Like the previous film, this one seemed better animated than the series, but I understand why you would cheapen the animation if were making 24534 episodes. Though I think I liked the first film a little bit more than this one. I think I may like the films so far more than the series though. I’d almost get them on DVD.. if the first film’s steelbook edition didn’t cost so damn much. And haha’s @ all the elements in this film that are stolen from Fullmetal Alchemist. :p

I then followed that up with tonight’s new episodes of Naruto (wow), then.. that was about it.. See ya.

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