no news / today

I awoke in the morning.. and immediately got online for a while. I read all about “Life with PlayStation” and got reasonably excited about it. It was due “at the end of the month”.. which is today.. but it never came out. I also made plans to get the new PS3 system update.. We watched some morning TV and had some breakfast.. and watched more TV..

But I soon took over the TV and watched the remaining six episodes of Freakazoid!: Season 1 (lol, through episode 13’s audio sounded off somehow 😦 all other were okay though.. great featurette too, never knew Bruce Timm was originally producing a more serious version of this show before Spielberg decided to take it in a more comical direction.. they show some art from this more serious take, and even say this early Freakazoid would have been like Batman TAS‘ Freaker, heh). Then I got the PS3 online and updated, then rampaged in GTA IV. The update was said to make some games run better.. and there were a lot less mini-freezes on this game than before. Yay.

After some Qub3d, I shut off the PS3 and then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 8PM. Once my dad returned from outside, we soon watched Factory (lol– oh who am i kidding? -_-), the three “unaired” episodes of Back To You (they recently aired in Australia, but remain “never-before-seen” on the US ‘Season 1’ DVD :p ..Ima miss this show 😦 ) and Flashpoint (another great episode.. It’s all methodical like CSI, but it’s hostage situations instead.. hope it catches on). Then I returned to my room for the night..

I got a really bad back pain today, near the base of my spine. It mostly flares up when I’m sitting down. And with all the other things wrong with me, I guess the world wants my death to be just like my life — drawn-out and painful.. See ya.

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One Response to “no news / today”

  1. anonymous Says:

    “I guess the world wants my death to be just like my life — drawn-out and painful..”

    How about looking after yourself instead of expecting the world to do that? Exercise. Eat better. Be more active.

    Health issues aren’t the world’s responsibility. They’re yours.

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