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A new promotional poster has appeared for the second season of The Spectacular Spider-Man. Nice. Greg Weisman has revealed that a new network has been chosen for the series, but can’t say which network it is. Nonetheless, he revealed at Comic-Con that Season 2 will premiere in March 2009.. and that the premiere episode will feature an animated cameo by Stan Lee. :p ..Sony still hasn’t picked up the series for a third season though. And if they keep waiting, it could mean the loss of some or all of the show’s fine cast & crew. I hear they’re waiting to see the DVD sales of The Spectacular Spider-Man – Attack Of The Lizard on September 9th (and possibly the following DVDs) before making a decision. 😦

24 returns to television on Sunday November 23rd in the form of a special TV movie that bridges Season 6 and Season 7, which premieres in January 2009. And just two days after its first airing, 24: Exile – Special Creator’s Cut will be arriving in DVD stores (on Tuesday November 25th). The 88min feature will be accompanied on disc by a commentary track, making-of featurette, a Season 7 trailer, an exclusive “First Act” Season 7 preview and more. Cooool. I’ll probably pick this one up..

Oh look, Disney stars Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez like Power Rangers. But maybe it’s just some Disney cross-promotion in effect.. or maybe not.. lol @ how these videos have been online for months and the celebrity newsmagazine shows are just now mentioning and overhyping them. :p

I awoke to the alarm at 8AM and got online for a while. Then I watched an episode of MST3k (“Catalina Caper”.. it was actually fun to watch, due to the riffing of course.. but also because it was one of those fun 60s movies :p), then my dad returned home from dialysis. We watched some Price Is Right, then he saw his news as I got online for a bit. But then I watched four more episodes of Freakazoid!: Season 1 (haha’s @ the Pinky & The Brain cameo that I forgot about.. and I really liked “Office Visit” back in the day.. “Lord Smoked Meats and Fishes!” lol).

Once those ended.. I played more GTA IV. No rampaging though. I failed a mission two more times, then explored in order to add a couple more things to the map. Twice. Because I died and reloaded the game. My gamesave has no arrests and only one death.. somehow.. I shut it off soon after 4PM and watched The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (lol, so lame.. but.. there’s worse stuff on TV.. like reality shows, yuck.. but what was up with her looking at the restroom? Can you really abort a baby with a simple visit to the tiolet? *grunt* *plop* *walks out* :/).

I got online to news-gather, then we had some supper. I finished up online by 7PM.. At 8PM, my dad took off outside and I finally watched Bloodrayne: Unrated. I purchased the DVD on release date, then returned it. Since, I have wished I kept it.. and other times knew I made the right decision. And now.. only the latter is true. Bad movie. I’d say the cheap gore effects ruins it for me, especially when they chose to provide a closer look at those effects near the end of the film. Ugh. So glad I returned it..

Next, I watched the unfinished & unaired pilot of True Blood, this fall’s vampire series for HBO starring Anna Paquin. Wow. Great show. Can’t wait to see this in the fall.. via download since I don’t have HBO. But if it continues to stay this good, I think I’ll even buy the DVDs. This reminded me a little bit of Roswell, though done more seriously and for an older audience (obviously.. *nudity*). And with vampires instead of aliens. Carol Dunn Trussell is producing the series, and her past work just happens to include Roswell.. The series debuts September 7th. Can’t wait. 🙂

And that’s about it.. See ya.

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