Amy Jo Johnson’s CD is awesome

I bought Amy Jo Johnson’s CD from her site at ($15 + $4 shipping) and it arrived today. And I’m listening to it right now. There’s some really great songs on it. She sounds a little like Alanis. Definitely worth the $19.

And if no one know who Amy Jo Johnson is, she was the original pink ranger on Power Rangers. But she doesn’t want that to be known for some reason. Power Rangers began her career and yet it isn’t mentioned anywhere on her site.

I’ll admit, one of the reasons I watched PR in the early days was to see Kimberly… I wonder what her thoughts are now that the episodes she appeared in are finally being re-aired after being locked away since 1998.

…But the songs on her CD are cool. All written by her also. (Make sure to check out the photo gallery at her site as well…)

Well, see ya…

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