I miss the days…

…when I used to research UFOs and aliens and conspiracies etc etc… But I’ve gotten lazy lately. I used to research as a hobby. I guess a person can read every supposedly true UFO/alien encounter in UFO history… I used to read UFO/alien books all the time. I read one after another. I probably own 40 or more non-fiction UFO/alien books alone. But, anymore I can’t… the true stories just don’t pique my interest anymore.

I only read science fiction anymore (I highly recommend the Area 51 book series by Robert Doherty, even though it seems more like a military thriller than scifi). The only book series I’m following are Area 51 by Robert Doherty, the Roswell novels based on the TV series, and… Harry Potter.

My favorite movie ever is Contact. Some people just didn’t understand what happened at the end like I did. I own it on dvd. I also have Mission To Mars, Red Planet, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Roswell: The UFO Cover-up, etc.

Well… gotta go now…

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