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The PR Mystery

March 2, 2002

So no one still knows what PR eps are airing tomorrow on ABC Family as the weekly “Best Of Power Rangers” block.

I’m thinking it may be the first 4 episodes of MMPR that originally aired in August 1993. I’m hoping. All the other shows debuting 7-9AM everyday are starting from the beginning. X-Men, Spider-man, Power Rangers Time Force, Power Rangers Wild Force… yet the Best Of PR remains unannounced. I hope this changes to future weeks.

I just saw the “last 11” promo for X-Files. It’s gonna be awesome. Finally an ending to this series. Its needed one for a while now. I still hope it continues into movies like Star Trek like Chris Carter had said he wanted to do after the TV series.

Gotta get to sleep to get up in time for PR…

See ya.

I Am Back Online

March 2, 2002

I was offline for a few days because the dial-up drivers were screwed. Finally fixed ’em (myself) and now I’m back online.

I got my Roswell soundtrack on Thursday. It’s awesome! Every Roswell fan should buy atleast one copy of this CD. I’m thinking about buying a second one to save as a collector’s item. My favorite extra feature is the character map, which includes where the Roswell characters live, work, died, first kissed, etc. It even includes addresses of the character’s homes!

I better get to bed soon. Can’t miss PR in the morning!

See ya…