glee s1v1 dvd post-holiday cash-in / today

I have no idea why, but even though Fox has picked up the series for it’s remaining nine episodes of Season 1, they’re still anxious to get Glee out there on DVD as soon as possible. Glee: Season 1 Volume 1 – The Road To Sectionals will feature the original 13-episode order (including the director’s cut of the Pilot) on 3 discs just in time for holiday gift card spending on December 29th. TVShowsOnDVD mentions music rights as a reason for the high suggested retail price of $39.99. I add cutting the season in half in order to make even more money off the series on DVD. :p Due to this fact, I’ll probably wait until the DVDs get cheap now.. if at all.. Check out that Brady Bunch-like cover art. Haha. :p

I awoke in the middle of the night and got online to finish the previous entry and torrent a bunch of shows. I eventually also followed the updating of PlayStation Home. Apparently, the downtime didn’t happen on schedule.. and then it was announced that the update has been postponed until tomorrow. Damn. There’s some awesome stuff coming out this week too.. The camera!!! I’ll probably even get the home team Colts football jersey and the new MotorStorm personal space too. The “pink” breast cancer items in that blog post won’t be out until next week now. 100% of the proceeds will go to charity. That’s pretty neat.

After they had announced the postponement, I gave up on getting the PS3 online.. and pretty much slept as my went to the grocery store. And all morning. Though I did see bits of morning TV in between.. I awoke about noon and got online, then watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (very good episodes).. followed by Castle (hehe, nice), two episodes of Rita Rocks (hahaha) and Greek (fell asleep for part it.. but it was pretty good nonetheless).

I got online to news-gather, then eventually had some supper. In primetime, we watched Community (slightly better than usual, I guess..), Parks & Recreation (lol), The Office (lmao.. the one-hour wedding episodes.. awesome, loved it.. easily the best episode so far this season IMO), Old Christine (lol) and Gary Unmarried (lol). Annnd that was about it for the night..

See ya.

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