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After my dad went to sleep, I got back on the PS3 and watched Glee (haha, good episode šŸ™‚ ), Secret Girlfriend (yes, again.. good show :p) and CSI NY (yay, Sarah Carter as a recurring character). Unfortunately, I fell asleep during the latter show.. then remember watching it again later in the evening / morning. My dad dad awoke and got ready for dialysis, so I got online for a little while until he left.

And then I got back onto PlayStation Home again.. and pretty much stayed on that all morning. The camera was finally here, so I was taking pictures all over the place, buying a few things.. and dealing with the defects version 1.3 brought with it. Feel free to check out my new photo album at photobucket with all these new images. I showed off my default avatar, as well as a few female avatars, and my Japanese personal space full of collectible thingies. Then I showed off the EU’s new X-Men Origins: Wolverine claws and animated tank top (free! the blood disappears and reappears), headed to the beach with the appropriate attire.. and.. then had some problems on the toilet.. >_> ..I would have gotten that Indianapolis Colts jersey if it weren’t $3! Ack.. I made my main avatar look pretty much like myself.. except y’know.. attractive..

My dad returned home from dialysis, he had something to eat and watched Ellen while I got online and.. uploaded my Home pictures. He then went to bed at about 1PM, so I eventually took over and watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (I fell asleep for a but half of them.. and I was looking forward to giving “Trakeena’s Revenge” another chance.. may move back the schedule and watch those episodes tomorrow) followed by four episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures (good show.. but I mainly I wanted to get these over with.. they’ve been taking up space on my PS3’s USB drives for a bit too long now).

At about 5:30PM, I got online to news-gather.. and then we eventually had supper.. In primetime, we watched Smallville (zombies! my dad thought this was too crazy an episode for this series.. I enjoyed it however), Dollhouse (another pretty good episode.. still not liking this season’s darkness filter though) and The Soup (lol.. think I fell asleep in the middle of this though.. then wake until 3AM.. ack).

Well.. see ya.

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