gantz movies / today

The Gantz manga series, which has already been made into a 26-episode anime series, will now be hitting the Japanese big screen in the form of two live-action motion pictures in 2011. Awesome! Cannot wait for their US DVD release.. in like 2015 or something.. 😦 *goes back to reading the manga*

I awoke early and finished up the previous entry, then fell asleep again for a while. I awoke later, watched a bit of morning TV, then wasted some time on PlayStation Home (must.. find.. more.. slabs.. damnit beach). My dad returned from dialysis, watched some things, then eventually went to bed for a nap. I then watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (more very good episodes.. I have two versions of Time Force and no idea which to watch next.. pre-9/11-unedited-but-low-quality or high-quality-but-post-9/11-edited.. damn.. could try switching back and forth, if I knew all the ones that were edited).

They were followed by Warehouse 13 (good episode.. two more to go still..) and Fringe (the rewatch.. good episode 🙂 ). My dad woke back up and we watched some Ellen, then I ordered a Papa John’s pizza for supper.. so that I could get the $3 off Transformers 2 DVD/Blu coupon. Woohoo. Pizza was good too though. :p I then got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched Hank (lol), The Middle (lol.. my dad finally started to notice how they’re degrading us Indiana peoples), Modern Family (lol, Costco.. damnit, we don’t have a single one anywhere near us), Cougar Town (lol, nice) and Eastwick (not bad). Then I sorta nodded off in my chair.. until like 2AM or something. I had forgotten to DVR a couple shows last night, so I set a re-airing to record.. and of course the damn cable company chose this time to perform maintenance, cutting off the first six minutes of the damn recording. Grrrr.

And that’s pretty much.. it? See ya.

[ Sebelius – All Americans Must Get Swine Flu Vaccine ]
[ NY Nurses Lead Resistance Against Forced Vaccination? ]
[ Swine Flu FluMist Vaccines Begin With Children ]
[ GSK Orders For Swine Flu Vaccine Soar ]
[ New Monetary Target – The Fed Under Fire ]
[ Creditors Feast On Dead Zionist Media Giant ]
[ Dollar Demise Plotted By Big Oil, China & France ]
[ China Calls End To Dollar Hegemony ]
[ Latvian Hookers Signal No Economic Recovery ]
[ EU’s Secret Plans To Become ‘World Power’ ]
[ Makow – Obama Literally ‘America’s First Jewish President’? ]
[ Lying Zionist Obama Refuses Afghan War Troop Cuts ]
[ Hate Bill May Soon Go To Obama ]
[ House Of Reps / Traitors Cuts Their Work Week To 2 1/2 Days ]
[ Lindorff – Local Cops Want Nation Of Snoops, Snitches ]
[ Parents Who Prayed To Save Dying Daughter Jailed ]
[ A New Vaccine For Cocaine Addition? ]
[ Is The Arctic Ready To Yield Its Treasures? ]
[ Brain-To-Brain Communication (Telepathy) In Lab ]


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