i had a bad day.

April 21, 2011

Today was definitely filled with suck. I was on PSN until like 2AM last night, when the whole thing just stopped working. I gave up trying to reconnect and fell asleep.. I awoke in the morning to find PSN was still offline. I watched some morning TV, then I.. pretty much stayed online most of the day looking into the whole PSN outage deal. And chatting with some people on a PlayStation Home website.

Then a bit later, while I was.. sitting in the bathroom.. I was playing a game on my phone and completely didn’t notice when this large bug (cockroach I think, about an inch long, maybe more) decided to sit in my lap. Ack.. And then I went to to check the mail after discovering that my Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallow Part 1 Blu-ray had finally arrived (due to USPS tracking). After nearly two weeks of waiting, Best Buy had of course sent the wrong one. Instead of the Best Buy exclusive four-disc that I paid for.. it looks like I got the cheaper one-disc version with barely any of the special features. And that wouldn’t be so bad if I could go right down to the Best Buy store to exchange it. But in this new age of truly living alone and more depressed than ever, I cannot. 😦

Another lesser moment of suck befell me during the evening, I had a tiny cup of milk.. and passed out for many hours. I awoke at nearly 10PM and watched all the NBC comedies from the DVR. Most of them were missing bits at their starts or endings. Hate you, milk. :/

Time to return to waiting for PlayStation Network to come back online.. and not enjoying my first viewing of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1.. See ya. -_-



April 19, 2011

I had a difficult time sleeping again.. so I watched Mike & Molly (lol) and Bones (chupacabra, sweet.. usually don’t like this kind of episode, debunking anything out of the ordinary *rolls eyes* ..but this one didn’t do very much of that).. I finally slept.. I awoke some hours later and got online.. then fell asleep again.. I watched some morning TV, then got online.

And then after that, I watched Conan (lol), Batman (okay, now I see why EVERYTHING must be labeled.. so that they can explain what a very small amount of devices are without it looking weird.. I guess.. :p ), The Event (this actually wasn’t too bad.. and next week’s preview, wow) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (finally watched that season finale, good stuff 🙂 ..you’d think they’d put in the familiar faces for the season premieres to try and get new viewers for a whole season, rather than the finales :/ ).

I checked out PlayStation Home for a little bit, then soon watched Becoming Human (the Being Human UK spinoff special thingy.. I wouldn’t mind if this high school teen version of Being Human went to series, it was neat 🙂 ) and two episodes of Being Human US (episodes 7 & 8.. more familiar happenings, heh :/ ).. And then in primetime, I ignored the severe weather outside and watched Glee (heh, not bad.. liked the Brittany the Brainiac bit, heehee), Raising Hope (so tired of seeing that singing chick all over TV.. at least she’s not singing much here.. lately) and Traffic Light (haha I guess).

And then after that, I got onto Free Realms.. moving from one quest to another.. for some hours. And before I knew it, it was 3AM. Oh.. See ya.


April 18, 2011

I awoke in the morning and got back on on my PS3. I had fallen asleep the night before (well, 3AM or so) watching an episode of Kids In The Hall on Netflix streaming.. I watched another episode, then followed that with some hours of Free Realms (fun) and a couple episodes of Batman. And then I went to my room and got online for a while. This eventually led to some cleaning of.. my room. Over a decade of living in this apartment has ended with some junk being collected.. over that time. And with the pending move ahead, I began throwing out some of that junk. Eh, it was mainly my desk, but I’m sure I’ll eventually get to the rest…

I soon returned to the living room and played through a level or two of LittleBigPlanet PSP (every once in a while, I pick it up and finish a level or two.. *shrug* ..I think I actually got the PSP for its non-game aspects.. this works as my first portable mp3 player, for instance :p).. and then I fell asleep for a couple hours. Damn.. I got some supper, got online for a bit, then watched Batman (the two-parter screwed up by the DVR a little while back.. didn’t miss too much of the story actually.. last two minutes of the first episode, then maybe six of the second one.. with the latter on my bedroom DVR :/) and Ricky Gervais Show (lol).

And then in primetime, I watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, good episode.. I teared up when Barney said he was “broken”.. because I’m broken too..), Mad Love (haha), Chuck (lol, an especially good episode this week 🙂 ), The Hard Times of RJ Berger (lol, good episode of this one too), United States of Tara (lol, another good one.. rofl @ Patton Oswalt’s character’s comments about the baby) and Game of Thrones (hm, just enough supernatural stuff to keep me interested.. well played.. oh, and the boobs helped as well, of course :p ..this one’s already likely for Blu-ray purchase 🙂 ).

And.. that was about it…? See ya.


April 12, 2011

I awoke in the morning and got online for a little while.. then I fell asleep again.. And then I watched some morning TV and Conan (fell asleep during it.. early this morning). And then the landlord came knocking at my door with a letter. He wants me out of this apartment by the first of the month. I had a feeling he’s been wanting this apartment vacated for a long time before my dad’s passing. He’s gotten a few complaints. And now he can finally renovate this one like the others and charge even more every month. I’ve been here most of my life, long before this landlord even bought the damn place. “I’m sorry for your loss and hope you won’t be homeless, buuut.. getdafuckout.” was pretty much the gist of the letter. -_-

Next, I watched Batman (teehee, a flying saucer :p) and Chuck (ha, good episode 🙂 ), followed by Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (I can see where they tried to go with this one.. yet failed.. yeah, I don’t think I’m going to buy that Superman five-movie Blu-ray set in a few months after all and wait for Superman Returns separately –with the never-before-seen “Return To Krypton” segment– instead).

After some more time online, I then watched both Tron and Tron Legacy on Blu-ray, back to back.. for the first time. No doubt the new one has the better special effects (even down to the younger Jeff Bridges digital face on Clu.. and Olivia Wilde *drools*).. but I may have enjoyed the original film just a little bit more. And I really wasn’t expecting that. :p Both pretty good films though. Here’s hoping the sequel is a lot more than an all-out 3D special effects bonanza.. rehash.. And then I checked out PlayStation Home for some Aurora leveling. And that was about it.


no sleep.

April 11, 2011

I stayed up late and got the PS3 online, leveling up at Aurora in PlayStation Home, then doing some more fishing in Free Realms. And as I was ready finally head to sleep, the DVR screwed up on the Batman recording at 3AM. Aw man. They were Catwoman episodes too. 😦 I rebooted it a few times before the channel I was recording them from even came back on. It had said “The HUB is not available”. -_- Looks like all those times the damn cat knocked it to the floor are finally starting to get to it. Just great.

I awoke in the morning and got online for a little while. And then I watched some morning TV.. followed by three episodes of Mentalist (all caught up again.. the latest one was actually pretty good, with Morena Baccarin 🙂 ). And then.. I subjected myself to Superman III. On top of all the goofy stuff I kept rolling my eyes and/or saying “no” to.. Lois Lane is gone for a short time, so Clark Kent near-instantly dates his own mother. lol. :p Yeah, Annette O’Toole, Supe’s mom on Smallville.. playing Lana Lang here.. I fell asleep during the big showdown though. Oh well. :p

Next, I got online for a little while.. and finally ordered another pizza for supper. Ultimate stuffed crust, ooh.. And then I watched Kids In The Hall (lol), How I Met Your Mother (lol), Mad Love (lol), Make It Or Break It (very good episode, especially that ending), Secret Life of the American Teenager (after all this time, finally getting tired of it.. may drop it soon *shrug*) and The Hard Times of RJ Berger (lol). I had the PS3 online for a bit, in PlayStation Home leveling up in Aurora. And then I got online for a while.

The neighbor upstairs pretty much ambushed me as I was getting the mail at midnight. :p We talked a little (mainly her, of course) about my current events.. I had a difficult time sleeping.. pretty much all night. I fit in The United States of Tara, Mike & Molly and Conan during the night.. before finally getting to sleep at 4:30AM or so.. but then I woke up at 8AM. Damnit.

Saturday 04.09.2011 & Sunday 04.10.2011

April 10, 2011

I awoke in the morning and got online for a little while. This computer really starting to get screwed up. Hate how the companies create crappy electronics now so that you’ll have to come back and buy again sooner. I remember A VCR having vents in it, but the last one I bought didn’t and overheated way too much. I had to put a fan on it.. until the cat knocked it over and ruined forever anyway.. And now this computer is a lot smaller than my previous one. More vents, but more difficult to clean inside without taking the whole damn thing apart. So if I become even more disconnected from the outside world than ever before (and hence a bit less sane), you’ll now know why. -_-

So I watched Batman: The Brave And The Bold (haha, nice episode) and two episodes of Batman (haha’s @ all the usual silly stuff). I fell asleep briefly near the end.. then awoke and watched Superman II (I liked this one quite a bit more than that first one.. but cellophane shield lolwtf, even the baddie had that expression on his face afterward :p). And then I got online again. Damnit computer. It was really running slow now, so I decided to just shut it off altogether to give it some time to cool.

I was going to watch a show, but all the time wasted waiting for the computer to do some of the simplest things took all that time up.. I watched Nikita (very good episode, as usual 🙂 ), iCarly (haha’s @ the rather adult-related joke at the start.. that is only adult-related if you get it by being an adult :p ..good episode, wish it could’ve been a two-parter or something though.. rather than that ending with a return to status quo by the next episode) and Big Time Rush (lol).

And after all that, I got my PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home (Aurora leveling.. and some chat.. fun), then moved into Free Realms (did a lot of fishing.. I’m getting a bit tired of fishing.. got to level 10 in it though.. every trophy is a title to add next to your name in-game, nice.. lots of demolition derby too :p). I finally shut that off and got the computer back on by 2AM…

I awoke at sometime after 10AM on Sunday.. then I watched Bleach (yeah, it was alright..), Kekkaishi (another good episode), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (great episode, as usual.. I am almost to the point where this is better than the original IMO, getting close now 🙂 ) and the new episode of Power Rangers Samurai (I might’ve been in a bad mood, I don’t know.. but I didn’t like this episode all that much.. I was soo annoyed when all the focus was put on Nick in Mystic Force, and now we’re doing that all over again, argh.. and what makes it worse is all the boys-over-girls crap this season.. Jayden just grabs Emily’s sword from her and she shouts “HEY!”.. and Jayden doesn’t seem to care.. I am also getting tired of this big Deker vs Red Ranger thing they keep alluding to and never doing, we finally got a little bit this episode, but not much :/ ).

After that was over, I got online for a little while.. then watched two more episodes of Batman (lol, I was all “hey thats the Addams Family theme, wtf”.. then Lurch poked his head in all randomly “oic lol”.. so silly :p), R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series (a new low — or high? — for this show this week.. a fatass gets addicted to catching a very special ice cream truck.. lol, this one was so stupid.. the kid had to moan a little as he licked at a triple-scoop cone.. then he inhaled it as the camera cut away.. then he misses that ice cream, so he tries licking a drawing of it, lol -_-) and Transformers Prime (wow, great episode this week, really liking this show 🙂 ). I then watched some Nickelodeon repeats for a bit. And they were recent episodes too..

In primetime, I then watched American Dad (lol), Simpsons (lol, especially the Penn & Teller curse bit :p), Bob’s Burgers (why was this renewed.. WHY? ..oh wait, because I watch it every week.. well, damn..), Family Guy (lol, good episode), Cleveland Show (hahaha) and The Killing (another very good episode.. but what exactly was happened in that video at the end? sure didn’t look like what it supposed to look like.. damnit 😦 ).

And again, that was about it.. Bubye.

lipstick > bank robbery

April 8, 2011

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then soon watched some Regis & Kelly (for once, I watched the whole thing.. Russell Brand was co-hosting :p), Batman (first there was policewomen who were completely useless as they chose talking girly things were more important than doing their jobs.. then there was Batman, Batgirl and Robin getting to a threesome.. knot.. all knotted up in each others’ appendages somehow.. and then there were the robotic mice bombs that got Batman to act all pied piper.. it was craziest episode I’ve ever seen, easily :p), The Killing (two-hour premiere.. not bad.. seeing Power Rangers SPD‘s Red Ranger Brandon Jay McLaren being all serious business high school teacher felt a bit weird though :p), Perfect Couples (haha), Outsourced (hm) and Mr Sunshine (oh hey, it’s Lizzy Caplan, yay).

I actually fell asleep around the end of that latter show, to be awaken minutes later by the UPS guy. As usual, he left my The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader Blu-ray at the door and scrambled. The packaging for this release isn’t actually as bad as I thought. It’s a couple slots and a plastic hub on cardboard for the digital copy disc. At least it wasn’t another damn eco case. :p

Soon, I finally started on my budget DVD purchase of 4 Film Favorites: Superman (about $10 for four movies on two double-sided discs.. and with some special features, not bad) and watched Superman: The Movie. The movie was.. alright. Once Lois’ thought poem started, I couldn’t stop going “stop, please, damnit.. he doesn’t hear you.. stop it.” etc. That part was just.. not good. The main action-filled conclusion was pretty good. But then Supes reversed time to save her.. but didn’t mind redoing all the other saves he had just undone..? Alrighty. >_>

After some more time online, I got the PS3 online and spent some more time in Free Realms (this is fun.. *fishes* *beats up on some yetis* *kart racing* .. *food delivery* :p). After I finally pulled myself away from that long enough, I watched tonight’s Smallville (a repeat of the pilot episode.. wow, memories.. of not watching this damn show because I boycotted it for being so damn much like Roswell.. until Roswell was canceled, then I caught myself up), The Soup (lol) and Degrassi (doo eet, doo eeeet.. ah damnit.. pretty good episode though :p ).

I then spent a few more hours in PlayStation Home (Aurora leveling) before finally shutting it off. I also idled my Man in Black avatar in the mysterious new bunker in the Sodium space for a bit.. for giggles. :p ..Then I finally got online at 2AM to write the entirety of this very entry. I should sleep right after this, but I probably won’t. :/

See ya.

uncertain future.

April 6, 2011

I awoke in the morning, got online for a while, watched some TV. Conan (lol). And then I fell asleep for a few more hours. For the first time in a while, I was having a dream (at least one that I remember upon waking up anyway). I was somehow in an episode of Glee. Plot elements seemed similar to something from last season, but it had a brief sex scene.. with female nudity. >:) ..And then a bit later, we were heading out to eat at a buffet for some reason. I got excited because I haven’t been able to go out to eat in over a month.. And then I was awoken by a text message coming in. Damn. 😐

After some more time online, I made a rather normal breakfast of egg sandwiches and bacon, both from the microwave. 🙂 ..I then watched Batman (ooh, Eartha Kitt as Catwoman, nice 🙂 ..and the Batgirl theme is slowly growing on me, I liked her fighting in this episode, hehe), No Ordinary Family (wow, great season finale.. better not cancel this one, ABC, I like where it’s going.. but all signs I see point to cancellation 😦 ), Kids Choice Awards 2011: No Wait, There’s More (I was expecting behind-the-scenes stuff.. but got pop-up trivia over clips from the show :/ ..got more out of Russell Brand on Monday’s Conan, talking about the kids throwing slime and the producer screaming at them to stop it during a cut-away, rofl) and Mobbed (good show, hope it returns for more episodes 🙂 ).

As you may have noticed, I actually haven’t been watching all that many of the the more dramatic shows I usually watch. I guess I’m giving myself some therapy through these tough times by sticking to the funny, light-hearted and fun stuff. But I need to get to them soon. I’m starting to run out of space on the DVR and PS3. 😦 It’s going to be especially difficult to continue Desperate Housewives with its current kidney transplant & dialysis storyline.. *sigh*

And before I knew it, it was already after 5PM. Man, what happened to today. The day felt like it had barely started.. So I got my PS3 online and headed into the Netflix app. There I watched the movies When In Rome (somewhat cheesy romantic comedy.. Kristen Bell was pretty much the best part of the film 🙂 ..I was a bit surprised by the scene where Danny DeVito is playing an older man in love with her, chasing after her and offering her his “encased meat” O_O ) and Women In Trouble (title says it all.. I wanted to check it out for the new Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki playing a porn star :p ..and at one point in a schoolgirl outfit.. very good movie though, it was a deeper and more worthwhile experience that the first movie I watched, may consider a Blu-ray buy some day and would also like to check out the following movies in this series 🙂 ).

After that, I watched FOX’s new series Breaking In (I heard “The Office meets The A Team“, and I see that.. but I also saw bits of Leverage too.. and I liked it, funny show 🙂 ).. before getting onto PlayStation Home for about an hour (more Aurora leveling, whee). And that was about it..

My dad complained about this place being a dump for a long time. But I always said that I didn’t want to move, mainly because I have way too much crap to move. That and the lack of money needed to move might have been something to do with it. But now I’ve been given the option to stay here until I can’t pay the rent and the government comes and takes me away.. or move to some place more affordable. So I guess I’ll finally be moving after all. And once I decided that, I seemed a bit happier for the rest of the day for some reason. Maybe that uncertain future after my dad’s passing had been stressing me for a long time.. and now it was finally more certain. *shrug*

..But.. next comes the “moving” part…. See ya.

another day. -_-

April 5, 2011

My dad’s social worker has been bothering me lately. How hard is it just to get me more social security so I can survive here? No, she’s talking about moving me somewhere else, somewhere cheaper. I have way too much junk to move damnit.. And of course, they won’t understand my media disc needs in order to stay sane.

I awoke in the morning, got online for a bit, and watched some blah morning TV (another thing that we did together.. so I don’t want to do it much anymore). Eventually, my aunt came and took me to a couple places. I deposited a check, then went to the grocery store.. and spent nearly half of my dad’s foodstamps for the month. She told me to stock up, and so I did.. Lots and lots of microwave stuff.

And upon returning home, my aunt sold my dad’s car to the landlord for one measly month’s rent. I thought it would at least be worth two months, but I guess not.. after all the things my dad had done to it in his later days..? But no extra money at least? What the heck? 😡 ..After some more time online, I watched Conan (lol), Batman (Batman vs Joker! ..in a surfing competition! lol, only in the ’60s.. at least the chicks in bikinis were nice.. what’s up with making Barbara Gordon look like Agent 99? :p ..prefer her as Batgirl due to that.. don’t like boy hair) and The Event (perhaps I like the idea of this show more than the show itself.. a scifi 24? yes please.. The Event? ..eh..).

UPS arrived during the latter with my new Blu-rays. Yay. Tron Legacy / Tron 2-Movie Collection (2D, 3D, DVD & digital copy discs for the new movie.. then a Blu for the original.. how fair is that? :/) and Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker (awesome! loved this movie on Netflix streaming, so looking forward to seeing it again.. this Blu includes the original uncut DVD release as well 🙂 ).

After some more time online and supper (microwave burger.. my first burger in over a month, so missed you 😦 ), I got the PS3 online for a little while. I got into PlayStation Home for a little while to level up in Aurora.. and before I knew it, it was already 12:30AM. Ack. It was mostly wasted hanging out with random people in Aurora.. and watching some streaming videos in my Sunset Yacht. 🙂

Well, anyway.. see ya..

into the ocean.

April 1, 2011

I didn’t mind doing an entry again yesterday. Got into Free Realms for a while (remember that I max leveled fishing? now I can’t even do it anymore until I pay up, ugh -_- ..so, $5 for a month first or go for the $35 lifetime..? hm), ordered a pizza via a single text (thanks, Pizza Hut), then watched Big Bang Theory (rofl @ that ending) and played some more PlayStation Home (Aurora, of course).

My computer monitor is again doing the discoloration stuff that it hasn’t done in ages. Soo annoying. I stayed up to 3AM trying to get some stuff done (Firefox also enjoys freezing a lot) before finally giving up and sleeping.. I awoke in the morning and watched some Conan (lol) and Batman (all henchmen must come in twos and wear monogrammed T-shirts *takes notes* ..and a big lolwtf @ the Batgirl theme, lol :p ..yeah, that comment was from yesterday’s episode, had a difficult time paying attention today).

After some morning TV, I got online for a while. Or most of the day. I just don’t feel like watching all this unwatched TV I have lately. I would save some of the TV to watch with my dad, since I knew he liked some of these shows.. and I wanted to be able to actually do something with him. He just didn’t want to do anything with me anymore because everything costs money. I think my media buying was partly so that I could spend time with him and get out of the apartment. I’ve now left the complex only one time in the last month. *sigh*

I got really bored online, then decided to pay the bills. Well, one of the them (cable). Then I was pretty much told by my aunt that I shouldn’t have done that yet. Damnit. Great start.. So it seems I can survive another month if I just write the rent check for my dad (his bank account).. and empty my bank account to keep the lights on. My dad left me over $500 in the hole on the electric bill. :/ At least I have my dad’s food stamps for one more month. Then I guess I must sign up for my own. And the smaller check should cover the Blu-rays / DVDs this month, but I need to deposit it. :/

After the time online, I got the PS3 online for a while. I watched Batman: The Brave And The Bold (but surprisingly got tired of it, even after Scooby Doo & Weird Al showed up.. *shrug*), then returned to PlayStation Home for most of the night instead of watching the TV tonight. It’s getting difficult to get into the mood to watch most stuff. Too damn depressed, I guess. And I finally cried for real. For a good five minutes or so anyway. 😦 Life doesn’t get better. It’s just more responsibility, more risk, more pain.. and you’re either strong enough to take it.. or you aren’t..