I just now noticed that the Harry Potter DVDs had been touched. I packed and folded that box closed myself during the frantic moving day, so it definitely wasn’t me that picked one of them up and made the inner packaging fall out of the slipcover.. then put said slipcover back in the box BESIDE it. I still own some of the movies on DVD and have been upgrading them to Blu in the form of the now-“missing” Ultimate Editions. I guess since this can’t be resolved by the return of the stolen discs.. or any actions upon the thieves whatsoever.. I guess I’ll just have to buy all four Ultimate Editions all over again.. like I had to do some DVDs & games when my dad stole and pawned them some years ago (a couple repurchases even occurred twice). Still thirty bucks a piece at Amazon. And I had never even got around to watching them…

Can’t believe that in order to change the address on my free subscription to Maxim (currently extended to September 2023!), I still have to mail a letter or call. What is this, the 80s? If so, I thought it’d be a bit more awesome than this. :/

My Amazon Prime free trial ran out at the end of May.. so I guess it’s back to the good ol’ US Mail next month unless I want to pay up for UPS release-date delivery. Or make yet another Amazon account to get the free trial again. Hm.. I really miss visiting Best Buy and picking out the most pristinely-packaged dent-free DVDs & Blu-rays on the shelf. Ah, those were the days.. that’ll most likely never return..

Yesterday’s media buys included The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: Extended Edition on Blu-ray. I purchased (and still possess) both the original Theatrical & Extended DVD releases, so I chose to wait for the Extendeds to upgrade to Blu. It’s currently $70 on Amazon, but it’s very well packaged. Three black Blu-ray cases of five discs each (two Blus for the film, three DVDs of bonus features each) in thick golden cardboard that is held closed with a magnetic clasp. I also watched the first half of Fellowship last night. Looks like this upgrade was worth the wait.. I also purchased Sucker Punch: Extended Cut on Blu. Never seen it, hope it’s good. Enjoyed Snyder’s Watchmen anyway.. but not so much 300.. >_>

I thought the downward spiral that is my life was bad before.. but now it seems to be becoming more of a free fall.. Whee. See ya.


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