missing.. everything.

I finally watched my first Blu-ray here in my new.. home.. I Am Number Four. Wow, the Smallville writers sure enjoy stealing from Roswell. They did it once.. and here they do it again. Glowing hands, blue crystals, human-alien relations.. Overall, it felt like a PG movie to me.. but it’s PG-13? I guess I liked it though.. because I liked Roswell. :p The optimistic open ending for sequels bugged me a bit.. because you don’t really know if they’re coming or not.. I’d most definitely prefer a Roswell movie instead though. :p

Later on Sunday, I also watched Battle: Los Angeles on Blu-ray. For probably the first time ever, I opted for the slightly cheaper single disc rather than the combo pack version. It was a choice between a DVD copy of the movie.. or a limited time video game demo included on the disc and nowhere else.. right now. Fortunately, all the other bonus features were the same.. so the choice was easy. I really enjoyed the movie as well. 🙂 After that, I caught the Falling Skies two-hour series premiere on TNT. Moon Bloodgood, Jessy Schram and Sarah Carter (can never forget Los Luchadores :p).. wow. And the plot is somewhat similar to AMC’s Walking Dead but with an invasion of aliens instead. And the episodes seem more.. episodic.. than continuing plotline. *shrug*

I’m trying to start scheduled disc viewing again today with the start of True Blood: Season 3 to get it done before the fourth season premiere next Sunday.. I also found my PSP charge cable today, so I guess that’s a small victory. It’s a bit more difficult to overlook the Harry Potter Ultimate Edition Blu-rays though. They’ve got huge brick packagings, there’s four of them.. and I still cannot find them even after looking into most of the boxes. Ugh..

I’m also missing a lot of small things that I ended up leaving behind. There was a spice rack type thing with salt, pepper, sugar-cinnamon.. and most importantly bacon bits. 😦 ..I look at my nails and think “it’s about time I cli–” ..Oh wait, I can’t. Can’t find the clippers. Or I want to comb my hair. Nope. No comb found. And there’s also this drawer container for the silverware that was left behind. What little silverware was saved just lays in the drawer and moves to the back when I open it. I just keep remembering all these little things like that that I forgot or left behind. And the worst part was that they had told me there was an option to put what I left behind in storage to go and grab later. Then when they later told me it was just going to all get thrown out.. that was when I nearly worked myself to death packing everything up for them. And in the end, I had to leave behind just about my entire non-fiction UFO and alien book collection. There were some great books in there. Some I was considering reading again. But now that’s no longer an option.

Oh well.. Time to just sit in my chair and escape this horrible planet for a few more hours. Day after day.. See ya on PSN! I seem to be spending more and more time there..


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