disappearing discs / power rangers on netflix!

Life continues to suck. After putting it off for a long time, I finally pulled most of the boxes back out of the closet (that my aunt hastily dumped in there) looking for the remaining missing Blu-rays. And of course I did not find them. The first four Harry Potter Ultimate Edition Blu-rays. Of course, I bought the 5th & 6th ones this week. Was considering finally watching them all. But now it seems there’s no damn point. It looks like they’re gone. Missing. Stolen, perhaps. The damn movers were boxing DVDs like them themselves (and ruined a few of them by just throwing them in boxes, assholes), since they were on top of my DVD / Blu collection boxes.. so I say they’d have the opportunity..

Also can’t find my old PS3 hard drive. I was wanting to maybe reinstall it for a bit to transfer some more game saves. But no. All this would be too fortunate for me. 😦 Also pretty sure I lost my PSP charge cable. Ugh. I’ll have to plug it into my PS3 like a controller to charge it from now on I guess..

And so with all this new depression I haven’t even been watching any movies on Blu-ray or DVD for a few months now. Instead, I have been losing myself and escaping in an even more immersive experience — video games. They’ve become so important recently that I just leave the PS3 on for days and leave it online.. rather than switching the internet back to the PC or something. I take a breaks to charge the controller and watch some things on the Netflix app. I fell asleep at like 3AM last night in my PlayStation Home wardrobe. PlayStation’s Welcome Back program has sure helped this, giving me plenty of free games to download and play. I’m really enjoying Burnout Paradise, free from PlayStation Plus on my EU account. After July 3rd, I’ll have to buy. $19.99, for a download, and not even counting DLC. Why is such an old game still so expensive? Argh..

Sooo.. did you hear that Power Rangers was added to Netflix streaming? All 732 episodes that aren’t Power Rangers Samurai. First, it was added as one huge listing, but has now been separated by season due to problems with various apps not showing the episode list right. Mighty Morphin‘s three seasons are together (and also includes Reversioned, ew), Alien Rangers‘ ten episodes are separate.. as well as all the other after seasons after that. Unfortunate though is that the Mighty Morphin episodes are the international master tapes with some edits to them, and Time Force has the post-9/11 edits. Ugh.. Also, all episodes of Beetleborgs & VR Troopers are also available for streaming.. I was going to watch all of PR all over again (after just completing a run before Samurai), but then a comment on Saban’s Power Rangers youtube page that DVDs are on the way changed my mind. I’ll just watch some favorites instead. And I’ve been wanting to rewatch VR Troopers for a while now. My dad and I used to watch it together before school. I think he was more interested in the main female than the show itself though. ;p

Well, back to it, I guess. I’ve looked in just about every box for those missing discs. Time to try again. It’s about all I can do now… *sigh*


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