As you may have heard, I’ve got a new apartment. The landlord heard the same.. and soon I was shoved out of the only home I’ve known for over a decade, long before he even owned the place. Last Wednesday ended up being a frantic day.. once that landlord screamed at me to be out of there by the end of the day. My aunt helped me pack for as long as she was able to, and I thank her for that. But once she left, it became one horrible one-man marathon. I packed as fast as I could to meet that deadline, especially after I was told the remains would be thrown out rather than put in storage like it had been stated earlier in the day.

And in the end, I didn’t make that deadline. I forgot and missed some items that I’ll really miss. Now I need a new desk chair.. something to sit my bedroom TV on.. and I guess I’ll have to replace some books that I was forced to leave behind as well. If I’m even able to… I think I was able to pack up all of my discs though — games, DVDs, Blu-rays — they’re all in these boxes here somewhere. Probably. The following two days was spent resting in my new cell for the most part.. because my muscles continued to ache for that whole time..

The cable switchover seemed to occur immediately, but I didn’t get around to setting it all up until a few days later. The cable guy couldn’t get a second cable jack here to work either. Glad I had wired it all up from the one jack beforehand.. He asked me for $140 cash upfront while he worked. I thought something seemed odd about that, especially once that amount didn’t show up on the receipt. *rolls eyes*

A depressing end.. and a new beginning.. to an more depressing chapter. At least so far anyway. I feel even more alone here than I ever have before. See ya…


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