a blu-ray sunday

I awoke in the morning, after getting the last night’s anime out of the way (Bleach was yawnworthy, Kekkaishi was good.. hope it isn’t over like it seemed to be.. and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood was just awesome like always).. and Batman.. I decided to watch Blu-ray movie all day today.. since most of the TV series were were over for the season and watched (great ending to Supernatural, wow.. watched that late last night).

So I actually started with my next Netflix selection (on DVD) — Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds. Wow. That was a great movie. Very suspenseful. His character gets kidnapped in Iraq and buried alive. The entire movie takes place in his box underground. Enjoyed it from beginning to end.. It was about time I watched this one. It’s been sitting here for a month or two, mostly forgotten about due to all the drama that refuses to leave me alone…

Next up, I went in a somewhat opposite direction with Eight Below. I got this Blu-ray for free through Disney Movie Rewards a while back and decided to finally give it a watch. It was pretty good. It’s a Disney film about a pack of dogs left in Antarctica to fend for themselves. The animal acting was pretty impressive.. but not so much the human acting. :p The dogs get into some adventures while trying to survive down there.. I partly picked this selection (among the three or so titles to get free) to see more of Moon Bloodgood. But since this is Disney and almost the entire film takes place in a cold climate.. and the stars are the dogs.. I didn’t get to see much of her at all. :p

And then I got online for a little while. Running low on food yet again. Damnit groceries. Buy only some and you pay like you got a lot. :/ ..So I ordered more pizza, of course. I’ve been considering peapod.com, who deliver groceries right to your door. I saw a code on a TV commercial that gives you $20 the first order and free delivery for a while. $60 minimum order though, and their selection is lacking. Tried to find Mtn Dew Code Red on Amazon. $30 for a six-pack of 2-liters, wtf? :/ ..Also, the toilet is defecting again. Water keeps entering and exiting the bowl randomly, and now always clean either. Plus the tank is dripping onto the floor.. but oh well..

Anyway, I watched yet another movie on Blu-ray — Love & Other Drugs. I came for the Anne Hathaway nudity (of which there is plenty).. but it ended up being a pretty good movie too (unlike Havoc IMO). 🙂 ..And then a little while after that, I watched The Green Hornet. This was a very fun and funny movie IMO. I really liked it, so bring on the sequel. :p Would also have been interesting to see what it would have been like if they has stayed closer to the source material though. By then the day was pretty much over..

I hate change, but when it’s forced upon you to survive.. change becomes the only option. And so that’s what I’m facing now. Upon hearing about a prior appointment, the landlord said that I didn’t have to go to court last Tuesday. And that same day they left a paper in my door telling me that I had to get out by Thursday or they’d throw me out. So I of course was less than believing when he explained that the date wasn’t a hard deadline.. so it was no surprise when I was scared a bit by something as simple as UPS knocking at my door that day. Such a wuss. I hope I get this apartment I’m up for.. even though it doesn’t look all that home-y but office-y.. because it would definitely better than being homeless.

See ya.


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