media helps deny life.

On the less depressing front.. a lot of these recent season finales have been pretty damn good, such as The Mentalist (wow @ that ending) & Bones (with the small hintings plus events in Emily Deschanel’s personal life, the ending wasn’t all that surprising to me.. but still great).. I’ll have to rewatch the Castle finale. I fell asleep for the middle part. :/ And of course the Smallville series finale.. was probably the most awesome they could do with what budget they had. *CG action figure saves the day!* :p I’m getting behind on Supernatural‘s current season again. And enjoying Supernatural The Animation more since it’s based on the first season before the series went more “serious business”. :/

I guess due to the popularity of House of Anubis (“new episodes” coming soon!), TeenNick has started airing another international series H2O: Just Add Water. Three hot Australian teens become mermaids when wet. Oh, and they have water manipulation superpowers. It reminds me a bit of Alex Mack. šŸ™‚ After airing 1 1/2 seasons, it disappeared from Nickelodeon.. but now it’s back. I rewatched all those episodes, then was disappointed when TeenNick stopped and started over at that same point mid-season. And so I pulled out my four-year-old unwatched data DVDs and watched the rest of the season that way. I thought Ash looked familiar. Craig Horner went on to play the title role on Legend of the Seeker. :p Really would like to watch Season 3 too, especially after I spoiled the finale for myself. I should find a place to download..

I got another all-too-brief “extended” Gamefly free trail from one of the recent TV commercials (with a different e-mail) and played some games. It was mainly Portal 2. I liked its humor.. but the puzzles just kept getting more and more challenging. I returned that and soon got Sly Collection. Really enjoying this one. I should buy it.. or let it get lost in the mail or something. :p I could get it pretty cheap with the $20 in Amazon credits I got from pre-ordering LA Noire.. Yeah, I also purchased L.A. Noire. At first, I wasn’t liking it all that much.. but that soon changed. There really isn’t all that much to do in the 1940s LA sandbox beside the rather linear story (or should I say stories?). That’s what turned me off of it at first.. but then I kept playing the cases. You solve one case and the next one begins, plus there’s side street cases to solve during those as well. And there’s historical locations to find and add to the map. Haha’s @ this game’s version of “GPS” = your partner giving you directions upon request. :p

Power Rangers Samurai probably could be better.. but that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it. Plus I’m hopeful that it’ll get better.. like it somewhat did once Antonio showed up. At first, I explained away the low quality at the start due to its going into production so quickly. And then came that talk about Johnathan Tzachor. Ugh. Hoping Nick will finally air the real first (produced) episodes by the time the “second season” (the latter 20 episodes) begins airing. According to Kimberley Crossman’s twitter, it sounds like she’s a prominent female character with fight scenes somewhere in those latter 20 episodes (currently filming). Iiinteresting. Anddamnsheshot. lol. :p

My sleeping schedule has been all screwed up at times. I stayed up and on PlayStation Home until maybe 3AM on Thursday night, then I couldn’t fall asleep.. so I stayed awake through the next day as well (except for a few short naps totaling less than two hours altogether). I slept better the following nights. And I also fell asleep for a good part of Sunday too. :p ..I really wish I could go see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, especially after all the positive talk I’ve been hearing about it. I have FOUR FREE tickets here that I printed up months ago.. but now they’ll probably just go to waste.. Just wait until Blu-ray like with everything now I guess. Oh well. See ya.


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