does it really get better?

Just like one night a little while ago, I had very difficult time getting to sleep. And this was after a great lack of sleep too. I pretty much stayed up all night the previous night. But I was feeling weak.. and cold.. so I tried to sleep early. I couldn’t for a while, then I finally got a couple hours before waking up again. Now I was sweaty and had a headache. Crazy. And again, I had a difficult time going to sleep.. But I finally did and awoke a bit late the next morning.. so yay?

The night before, I watched the latest episode of The Killing and burst out crying upon the lines “It gets better.” “Does it?”. The show’s about a teenage girl who was murdered and its aftermath with the cops and her family, told one day per episode.. It’s pretty good so far. Haha’s @ Power Rangers SPD‘s Red Ranger Brandon Jay McLaren playing a suspected pedophile now. :p

The PSN outage continues to wear me down day by day. I’ve caught up on a lot of unwatched shows that I had due to preferring to get the PS3 online instead. But I’m really missing PlayStation Home and Free Realms. I also got into the inFamous 2 User Creation Beta and have really been wanting to try it out. *sigh*

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while, then watched Batman (yeah, Julie Newmar would have to be my favorite Catwoman in this series so far.. only seen one episode with Eartha Kitt, but she’s probably a close second.. haha, Sandman blowing white powder at your nose to knock you out.. crazy :p ) and Hellcats (good episode 🙂 ..definitely like Aly Michalka’s music in the show rather than her band’s).

I then pretty much got online all afternoon, waiting to hear something about PSN going online.. like I have been doing some days lately. Come on, Sony. FIX IT! :p ..And then I caught up on Nikita (latest two episodes, both were very good 🙂 ), then watched The Event (ooh, interesting), The Hard Times of RJ Berger (so saw that coming, maybe even from the premiere :p ..still funny though, of course) and United States of Tara (this one’s still good too).

And online again.. to the computer that almost always has to be rebooted every 2-3 days to stop the freezes and lagging. 😦 Now I got to check the mail. Haven’t done it since Thursday.. See ya.


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