i had a bad day.

Today was definitely filled with suck. I was on PSN until like 2AM last night, when the whole thing just stopped working. I gave up trying to reconnect and fell asleep.. I awoke in the morning to find PSN was still offline. I watched some morning TV, then I.. pretty much stayed online most of the day looking into the whole PSN outage deal. And chatting with some people on a PlayStation Home website.

Then a bit later, while I was.. sitting in the bathroom.. I was playing a game on my phone and completely didn’t notice when this large bug (cockroach I think, about an inch long, maybe more) decided to sit in my lap. Ack.. And then I went to to check the mail after discovering that my Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallow Part 1 Blu-ray had finally arrived (due to USPS tracking). After nearly two weeks of waiting, Best Buy had of course sent the wrong one. Instead of the Best Buy exclusive four-disc that I paid for.. it looks like I got the cheaper one-disc version with barely any of the special features. And that wouldn’t be so bad if I could go right down to the Best Buy store to exchange it. But in this new age of truly living alone and more depressed than ever, I cannot. 😦

Another lesser moment of suck befell me during the evening, I had a tiny cup of milk.. and passed out for many hours. I awoke at nearly 10PM and watched all the NBC comedies from the DVR. Most of them were missing bits at their starts or endings. Hate you, milk. :/

Time to return to waiting for PlayStation Network to come back online.. and not enjoying my first viewing of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1.. See ya. -_-


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