I had a difficult time sleeping again.. so I watched Mike & Molly (lol) and Bones (chupacabra, sweet.. usually don’t like this kind of episode, debunking anything out of the ordinary *rolls eyes* ..but this one didn’t do very much of that).. I finally slept.. I awoke some hours later and got online.. then fell asleep again.. I watched some morning TV, then got online.

And then after that, I watched Conan (lol), Batman (okay, now I see why EVERYTHING must be labeled.. so that they can explain what a very small amount of devices are without it looking weird.. I guess.. :p ), The Event (this actually wasn’t too bad.. and next week’s preview, wow) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (finally watched that season finale, good stuff πŸ™‚’d think they’d put in the familiar faces for the season premieres to try and get new viewers for a whole season, rather than the finales :/ ).

I checked out PlayStation Home for a little bit, then soon watched Becoming Human (the Being Human UK spinoff special thingy.. I wouldn’t mind if this high school teen version of Being Human went to series, it was neat πŸ™‚ ) and two episodes of Being Human US (episodes 7 & 8.. more familiar happenings, heh :/ ).. And then in primetime, I ignored the severe weather outside and watched Glee (heh, not bad.. liked the Brittany the Brainiac bit, heehee), Raising Hope (so tired of seeing that singing chick all over TV.. at least she’s not singing much here.. lately) and Traffic Light (haha I guess).

And then after that, I got onto Free Realms.. moving from one quest to another.. for some hours. And before I knew it, it was 3AM. Oh.. See ya.


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