I awoke in the morning and got online for a little while.. then I fell asleep again.. And then I watched some morning TV and Conan (fell asleep during it.. early this morning). And then the landlord came knocking at my door with a letter. He wants me out of this apartment by the first of the month. I had a feeling he’s been wanting this apartment vacated for a long time before my dad’s passing. He’s gotten a few complaints. And now he can finally renovate this one like the others and charge even more every month. I’ve been here most of my life, long before this landlord even bought the damn place. “I’m sorry for your loss and hope you won’t be homeless, buuut.. getdafuckout.” was pretty much the gist of the letter. -_-

Next, I watched Batman (teehee, a flying saucer :p) and Chuck (ha, good episode 🙂 ), followed by Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (I can see where they tried to go with this one.. yet failed.. yeah, I don’t think I’m going to buy that Superman five-movie Blu-ray set in a few months after all and wait for Superman Returns separately –with the never-before-seen “Return To Krypton” segment– instead).

After some more time online, I then watched both Tron and Tron Legacy on Blu-ray, back to back.. for the first time. No doubt the new one has the better special effects (even down to the younger Jeff Bridges digital face on Clu.. and Olivia Wilde *drools*).. but I may have enjoyed the original film just a little bit more. And I really wasn’t expecting that. :p Both pretty good films though. Here’s hoping the sequel is a lot more than an all-out 3D special effects bonanza.. rehash.. And then I checked out PlayStation Home for some Aurora leveling. And that was about it.



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