Saturday 04.09.2011 & Sunday 04.10.2011

I awoke in the morning and got online for a little while. This computer really starting to get screwed up. Hate how the companies create crappy electronics now so that you’ll have to come back and buy again sooner. I remember A VCR having vents in it, but the last one I bought didn’t and overheated way too much. I had to put a fan on it.. until the cat knocked it over and ruined forever anyway.. And now this computer is a lot smaller than my previous one. More vents, but more difficult to clean inside without taking the whole damn thing apart. So if I become even more disconnected from the outside world than ever before (and hence a bit less sane), you’ll now know why. -_-

So I watched Batman: The Brave And The Bold (haha, nice episode) and two episodes of Batman (haha’s @ all the usual silly stuff). I fell asleep briefly near the end.. then awoke and watched Superman II (I liked this one quite a bit more than that first one.. but cellophane shield lolwtf, even the baddie had that expression on his face afterward :p). And then I got online again. Damnit computer. It was really running slow now, so I decided to just shut it off altogether to give it some time to cool.

I was going to watch a show, but all the time wasted waiting for the computer to do some of the simplest things took all that time up.. I watched Nikita (very good episode, as usual šŸ™‚ ), iCarly (haha’s @ the rather adult-related joke at the start.. that is only adult-related if you get it by being an adult :p ..good episode, wish it could’ve been a two-parter or something though.. rather than that ending with a return to status quo by the next episode) and Big Time Rush (lol).

And after all that, I got my PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home (Aurora leveling.. and some chat.. fun), then moved into Free Realms (did a lot of fishing.. I’m getting a bit tired of fishing.. got to level 10 in it though.. every trophy is a title to add next to your name in-game, nice.. lots of demolition derby too :p). I finally shut that off and got the computer back on by 2AM…

I awoke at sometime after 10AM on Sunday.. then I watched Bleach (yeah, it was alright..), Kekkaishi (another good episode), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (great episode, as usual.. I am almost to the point where this is better than the original IMO, getting close now šŸ™‚ ) and the new episode of Power Rangers Samurai (I might’ve been in a bad mood, I don’t know.. but I didn’t like this episode all that much.. I was soo annoyed when all the focus was put on Nick in Mystic Force, and now we’re doing that all over again, argh.. and what makes it worse is all the boys-over-girls crap this season.. Jayden just grabs Emily’s sword from her and she shouts “HEY!”.. and Jayden doesn’t seem to care.. I am also getting tired of this big Deker vs Red Ranger thing they keep alluding to and never doing, we finally got a little bit this episode, but not much :/ ).

After that was over, I got online for a little while.. then watched two more episodes of Batman (lol, I was all “hey thats the Addams Family theme, wtf”.. then Lurch poked his head in all randomly “oic lol”.. so silly :p), R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series (a new low — or high? — for this show this week.. a fatass gets addicted to catching a very special ice cream truck.. lol, this one was so stupid.. the kid had to moan a little as he licked at a triple-scoop cone.. then he inhaled it as the camera cut away.. then he misses that ice cream, so he tries licking a drawing of it, lol -_-) and Transformers Prime (wow, great episode this week, really liking this show šŸ™‚ ). I then watched some Nickelodeon repeats for a bit. And they were recent episodes too..

In primetime, I then watched American Dad (lol), Simpsons (lol, especially the Penn & Teller curse bit :p), Bob’s Burgers (why was this renewed.. WHY? ..oh wait, because I watch it every week.. well, damn..), Family Guy (lol, good episode), Cleveland Show (hahaha) and The Killing (another very good episode.. but what exactly was happened in that video at the end? sure didn’t look like what it supposed to look like.. damnit šŸ˜¦ ).

And again, that was about it.. Bubye.


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