lipstick > bank robbery

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then soon watched some Regis & Kelly (for once, I watched the whole thing.. Russell Brand was co-hosting :p), Batman (first there was policewomen who were completely useless as they chose talking girly things were more important than doing their jobs.. then there was Batman, Batgirl and Robin getting to a threesome.. knot.. all knotted up in each others’ appendages somehow.. and then there were the robotic mice bombs that got Batman to act all pied piper.. it was craziest episode I’ve ever seen, easily :p), The Killing (two-hour premiere.. not bad.. seeing Power Rangers SPD‘s Red Ranger Brandon Jay McLaren being all serious business high school teacher felt a bit weird though :p), Perfect Couples (haha), Outsourced (hm) and Mr Sunshine (oh hey, it’s Lizzy Caplan, yay).

I actually fell asleep around the end of that latter show, to be awaken minutes later by the UPS guy. As usual, he left my The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader Blu-ray at the door and scrambled. The packaging for this release isn’t actually as bad as I thought. It’s a couple slots and a plastic hub on cardboard for the digital copy disc. At least it wasn’t another damn eco case. :p

Soon, I finally started on my budget DVD purchase of 4 Film Favorites: Superman (about $10 for four movies on two double-sided discs.. and with some special features, not bad) and watched Superman: The Movie. The movie was.. alright. Once Lois’ thought poem started, I couldn’t stop going “stop, please, damnit.. he doesn’t hear you.. stop it.” etc. That part was just.. not good. The main action-filled conclusion was pretty good. But then Supes reversed time to save her.. but didn’t mind redoing all the other saves he had just undone..? Alrighty. >_>

After some more time online, I got the PS3 online and spent some more time in Free Realms (this is fun.. *fishes* *beats up on some yetis* *kart racing* .. *food delivery* :p). After I finally pulled myself away from that long enough, I watched tonight’s Smallville (a repeat of the pilot episode.. wow, memories.. of not watching this damn show because I boycotted it for being so damn much like Roswell.. until Roswell was canceled, then I caught myself up), The Soup (lol) and Degrassi (doo eet, doo eeeet.. ah damnit.. pretty good episode though :p ).

I then spent a few more hours in PlayStation Home (Aurora leveling) before finally shutting it off. I also idled my Man in Black avatar in the mysterious new bunker in the Sodium space for a bit.. for giggles. :p ..Then I finally got online at 2AM to write the entirety of this very entry. I should sleep right after this, but I probably won’t. :/

See ya.



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