another day. -_-

My dad’s social worker has been bothering me lately. How hard is it just to get me more social security so I can survive here? No, she’s talking about moving me somewhere else, somewhere cheaper. I have way too much junk to move damnit.. And of course, they won’t understand my media disc needs in order to stay sane.

I awoke in the morning, got online for a bit, and watched some blah morning TV (another thing that we did together.. so I don’t want to do it much anymore). Eventually, my aunt came and took me to a couple places. I deposited a check, then went to the grocery store.. and spent nearly half of my dad’s foodstamps for the month. She told me to stock up, and so I did.. Lots and lots of microwave stuff.

And upon returning home, my aunt sold my dad’s car to the landlord for one measly month’s rent. I thought it would at least be worth two months, but I guess not.. after all the things my dad had done to it in his later days..? But no extra money at least? What the heck? 😡 ..After some more time online, I watched Conan (lol), Batman (Batman vs Joker! a surfing competition! lol, only in the ’60s.. at least the chicks in bikinis were nice.. what’s up with making Barbara Gordon look like Agent 99? :p ..prefer her as Batgirl due to that.. don’t like boy hair) and The Event (perhaps I like the idea of this show more than the show itself.. a scifi 24? yes please.. The Event?

UPS arrived during the latter with my new Blu-rays. Yay. Tron Legacy / Tron 2-Movie Collection (2D, 3D, DVD & digital copy discs for the new movie.. then a Blu for the original.. how fair is that? :/) and Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker (awesome! loved this movie on Netflix streaming, so looking forward to seeing it again.. this Blu includes the original uncut DVD release as well 🙂 ).

After some more time online and supper (microwave burger.. my first burger in over a month, so missed you 😦 ), I got the PS3 online for a little while. I got into PlayStation Home for a little while to level up in Aurora.. and before I knew it, it was already 12:30AM. Ack. It was mostly wasted hanging out with random people in Aurora.. and watching some streaming videos in my Sunset Yacht. 🙂

Well, anyway.. see ya..



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