into the ocean.

I didn’t mind doing an entry again yesterday. Got into Free Realms for a while (remember that I max leveled fishing? now I can’t even do it anymore until I pay up, ugh -_-, $5 for a month first or go for the $35 lifetime..? hm), ordered a pizza via a single text (thanks, Pizza Hut), then watched Big Bang Theory (rofl @ that ending) and played some more PlayStation Home (Aurora, of course).

My computer monitor is again doing the discoloration stuff that it hasn’t done in ages. Soo annoying. I stayed up to 3AM trying to get some stuff done (Firefox also enjoys freezing a lot) before finally giving up and sleeping.. I awoke in the morning and watched some Conan (lol) and Batman (all henchmen must come in twos and wear monogrammed T-shirts *takes notes* ..and a big lolwtf @ the Batgirl theme, lol :p ..yeah, that comment was from yesterday’s episode, had a difficult time paying attention today).

After some morning TV, I got online for a while. Or most of the day. I just don’t feel like watching all this unwatched TV I have lately. I would save some of the TV to watch with my dad, since I knew he liked some of these shows.. and I wanted to be able to actually do something with him. He just didn’t want to do anything with me anymore because everything costs money. I think my media buying was partly so that I could spend time with him and get out of the apartment. I’ve now left the complex only one time in the last month. *sigh*

I got really bored online, then decided to pay the bills. Well, one of the them (cable). Then I was pretty much told by my aunt that I shouldn’t have done that yet. Damnit. Great start.. So it seems I can survive another month if I just write the rent check for my dad (his bank account).. and empty my bank account to keep the lights on. My dad left me over $500 in the hole on the electric bill. :/ At least I have my dad’s food stamps for one more month. Then I guess I must sign up for my own. And the smaller check should cover the Blu-rays / DVDs this month, but I need to deposit it. :/

After the time online, I got the PS3 online for a while. I watched Batman: The Brave And The Bold (but surprisingly got tired of it, even after Scooby Doo & Weird Al showed up.. *shrug*), then returned to PlayStation Home for most of the night instead of watching the TV tonight. It’s getting difficult to get into the mood to watch most stuff. Too damn depressed, I guess. And I finally cried for real. For a good five minutes or so anyway. 😦 Life doesn’t get better. It’s just more responsibility, more risk, more pain.. and you’re either strong enough to take it.. or you aren’t..



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