hedgehog’s dilemma.

I had a difficult time sleeping during the night, so I didn’t wake up until a worried call from my aunt at around 11AM or so. If I don’t reply to one text, she gets worried. And probably rightfully so.. After some hours online, I then spent most of the day playing Free Realms PS3. Throughout the day, I kept looking at the time and being surprised how much time had passed. And yes, it’s finally working. You can only level up to Level 5 on all the jobs available for free though. And the 46 trophies are only available upon purchasing a membership. Bastards. Memberships range from $4.99 for a month to $34.99 for a lifetime. On FREE Realm$. :/

But there are so many jobs: Soccer Star, Kart Driver, Ninja, Warrior, Wizard, Miner, Fisherman.. I got addicted to something as simple as fishing and got to Level 5 on it already. It’s relaxing, a bit like real fishing..? ..I finally shut that off at 8PM though, then watched a couple Blu-rays — Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone (a rewatch before the new one.. never really noticed how alike Shinji and I are 😦 ..so yes, I cried a bit more) and Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance (first watch of this one.. the first one was pretty good, but this one.. WOW! loved this one.. but now where do they have to go for the remaining movies? And “Q”? the heck kind of title is that? :p).

After some more time on PlayStation Home leveling up in Aurora.. that was about it. See ya.


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