aftermath part 2.

I was awoken by the cat a it earlier than usual.. in the morning. I watched some Conan (lol) and Batman (Batman & Robin walk into a library and ask the librarian if she’s seen any unusual-looking people.. lol @ that alone :p).. before falling asleep again for a few more hours. I awoke and watched another Batman, then got online for a little while. I really don’t feel like watching the morning TV anymore.. since it was something my dad and I almost always did together. At noon, my aunt contacted me and told me that they had turned off the ventilator today. He has now officially passed on. I hope he isn’t suffering anymore, wherever he is. 😦

After the time online, I watched yet another Batman (The Hub airs them like crazy, so I do the same :p ..ooh, Batgirl is cute), followed by last night’s Mad Love (lol).. My aunt contacted me again. She came and picked me up. I needed to sign a form so my dad could get cremated. My dad had told me he wanted cremation so many times, so I had no problem signing. The silent car ride however.. in which I held back a few tears on the way back.. however..

I returned home and watched last night’s The United States of Tara (good start to the season 🙂 lol @ next week. “MY EYES!”) and The Hard Times of RJ Berger (lol, good episode.. and they actually made the Jersey Shore guy fit.. next week: Paris Hilton, haha). After that, I.. got online some more. I was hoping the PS Store had been updated, but no. Way too early for that. UPS arrived with my two Blu-rays — Black Swan & Evangelion 2.22. And of course the one I was more excited about (Evangelion) had to have to banged up slipcover. And it’s such a nice textured one too. Grrrr.

After a while of waiting for the PS blog, I gave up and got the PS3 online instead.. and waited some more. I had some boring soup that my dad had bought weeks ago for supper.. Eventually, the PS Store was updated and Free Realms PS3 was released. But of course, it had plenty of problems. After the long install, I was left trying to get it connecting all night. Then I finally read that it needed a completely new install to work. So I deleted and reinstalled. And while waiting for that I messed around on the PSP. Once it finished, it STILL wouldn’t work. I created a character, then couldn’t connect. Then I had to create my character again with a new name since the original one I had just chosen was now taken.. and I again couldn’t connect. Great first day, SOE. 😡

I also made the time to play some more Aurora in PlayStation Home.. and also watch The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump (DVRed a week or so ago.. at least the comedians I had wanted to see were shown before the recording cut short.. really don’t like how some are written for them and so it sounds so fake :/ ). And later, I watched Conan as well (lol).

I just can’t believe I can pass by such a terrible event in my life with the shedding of so few tears. I lived through the passing of my mother at age 5, then my grandparents also passed on some years later. I hated getting hurt emotionally, so I became silent and shy to everyone. Now due to this, I have no real life friends and no way to go anywhere. I now worry about the PC or PS3 no longer working, then I’d be even more shut off from the world. *sigh*

..See ya..



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