fringe renewed for season 4! / today

FOX has officially renewed Fringe for a complete fourth season of 22 episodes. Awesome! As if there were any doubt.. :p

I was up until about 2:30AM online when I finally gave up on a constantly freezing Firefox and went to sleep.. I awoke early the next morning to the cable box once again falling to the floor. The cat just wants to sleep on top of that warm surface sooo bad. He don’t care that his hair and vomit got into the last one and screwed it all up. I placed something on top of it now.. so he was probably trying to knock it off. Ass. 😡

After some time online, I returned to the living room and watched some morning TV.. and Hot In Cleveland (lol.. season finale already, damn).. before falling asleep for a few more hours.. I awoke again and watched Retired At 35 (not bad for a finale here either, haha).. then started watching Capricorn One. I DVRed it off of one of the premium channels and fell asleep about 15 minutes in last night. :p

But I didn’t get into that very long.. again. Some government woman came by to “help” me with my life without my dad. She had information only the only family member would know.. by reading this blog.. She asked me a bunch of questions. I answered maybe a third of them, then I finally got her to leave. Must remember to check the peephole more often. Oh, and possibly not write this blog for a while again after this entry. I make some things seem somewhat overdramatic here. Because isn’t it the purpose of a blog to vent frustrations in an emo fashion (well, originally)..? What little emotion I have left anymore is vented here, then the most of the more light-hearted, fun and news-worthy things are left for my twitter.

I eventually got back to Capricorn One and really liked it.. except I thought it ended a bit too early. :p It’s about the NASA faking a landing on Mars and a whole conspiracy surrounding it. The set looked pretty cheap though. Haha. :p ..Once that ended, it was already 5PM. Ack. I got online for a little while.

In primetime, I watched Community (oh great, another homage episode.. the only that really made this show entertaining.. at one point..), Perfect Couples (hahaha, I guess), The Office (lol.. oh wow, great episode 🙂 ), Parks & Recreation (lol, good episode here too), 30 Rock (lol, mainly @ the Aaron Sorkin bit.. even though I’ve never liked or watched West Wing or Studio 60), Outsourced (hahaha, I guess.. again) and The Hard Times of RJ Berger (second season premiere, lol awesome, so glad it’s back.. not a fan of the heavy Jersey Shore crossoverage though.. stupid reality shit like that is killing brain cells).

See ya.


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