torchwood miracle day starz date / today

Starz has announced the US premiere of Torchwood: Miracle Day for Friday July 8th at 10PM ET. Torchwood alums John Barrowman & Eve Myles are joined on this US production by Mekhi Phifer and Bill Pullman… Okay, looking forward to it. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while. It was then that I was told that my dad’s condition had gotten worse during the night. They asked if I wanted to come and see him.. and I just didn’t know. Over the years, it seems I’ve lost a lot of my emotion. I could cry easily at some sad movie.. yet I couldn’t shed a tear upon this news. And that just made me feel all that much worse. It seems it is all about to end now. I really didn’t think it would last this long…

I finally managed to let a few tears free before falling asleep again for a few hours. After some more time online, I watched Mike & Molly (lol) and Traffic Light (hahaha). And during the latter, the police came knocking at my door. I got all nervous and.. shaky as I talked to them. I had no clue what they were here for. They asked about any weapons or anything.. and then they went upstairs. Oops, wrong apartment. :/

After all that, I got online for a few hours. Mainly the rest of the afternoon again. And then I ordered some pizza for supper again.. I got the PS3 online for a while and watched a couple more episodes of Kids In The Hall on Netflix Streaming (lol).. Then in primetime, I watched The Middle.. or I would have if the weather reports hadn’t interrupted. I gave up and chose to download later instead.

After some time in PlayStation Home (leveling up in Aurora), I watched Modern Family (lol) and Mr Sunshine (hahahaa.. *plays Pac-Man on phone instead*). And then I got into playing some more Tetris PS3.. for a couple hours. :p I checked the mail after midnight.. and then that was about it again.



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