prs 10-12 or 12-14 titles & prs sched update / green lantern knights blu / lotr extended blu / today

Nickelodeon On Demand’s schedule for May has revealed the next three Power Rangers Samurai episode titles (beware, onward it gets a bit spoilery) — episode 110 or 2012: “Jayden’s Challenge”, episode 111 or 2013: “Unexpected Arrival” and episode 112 or 2014: “Room For One More”. The first number would be Nick’s airing order and the latter would be Saban’s production order. Steven Skyler tweeted that his character, the Gold Ranger, will debut in episode 13.. but it appears to be airing as episode 11. So Saban’s hinting about the origin perhaps being the 10th aired episode by typoing “All will be revealOed.” on their official twitter & facebook many times now means nothing?

I guess plans change..? Speaking of which.. Nickelodeon was planning a three-week break for Power Rangers Samurai after last Sunday’s episode, but now listings sites are being updated to say that the next new episode will actually air this coming Sunday, March 27th — “Forest For The Trees”. Due to this, the next episode, “Test Of The Leader”, has been moved up to the original return date of April 10th. I hope Nickelodeon still somehow pulls the premiere episodes out of the vault and airs them in April as the 10th & 11th episodes, but I’m no longer so sure about that. 😦

Warner Bros has set a June 7th release date for the next DC Universe Animated Movie, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights. How about that? Another “Knight”-titled.. title.. before a similar DC theatrical film. Good timing.. The release of Batman: Gotham Knight coincided with The Dark Knight. :p And just like that one, this will be a series of stories. Definitely looking forward to both it and the theatrical Green Lantern. 🙂

Finally, the huge Blu-ray boxed set most everyone has been waiting for — The Lord Of The Rings Motion Picture Trilogy: Extended Edition. The 15-disc set (that 5 discs covering each film) has an SRP of $119.98 and will be released on June 28th. It will feature all the bonus features presented on the original DVD releases and the Limited Editions.. as well as some trailer for an upcoming video game. The films will again be spread across two discs each to preserve the HD audio & video quality. I still have fond memories of watching the entire saga.. in six days, at one disc a day. May do that again. :p ..Don’t really care for the “Extended Edition, Extended Edition” on the cover art.. but I really hope I can afford this. It appears myself and many others have held off on buying the theatrical edition boxed set on Blu to get this release instead. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while, then watched some Conan (lol.. it’s been gone just a week.. but I missed it :p ). I fell asleep during it, then awoke a couple hours later and finished. Then I got online for awhile again.. that ended up taking most of the afternoon. Firefox 4 was released today, and I likes it. 🙂 ..Later, I watched some unimportant things on the DVR.. then got back online again to news-gather way earlier than usual.

After all that was done, I got the PS3 online again. There were actually a couple things I was interested in getting out of PS Store’s new releases today. I was interested in getting the Ratchet & Clank costumes for LittleBigPlanet 2, but they’re $3. Regular price. I could get them anytime. However, I had been on the fence for a little while now about buying Tetris (PS3) for $10. But today (and for the following week), it’ll be on sale for just $5. So I booted up the demo I already had and unlocked the full game. The trophies are tough. Most of them are for the multiplayer mode. :/

At 8PM, I shut that off for a bit and watched No Ordinary Family (wow, very good episode this week.. two episodes left and not looking good for Season 2 😦 ..ABC just threw the next episode to Saturday 10PM, wtf? :/ ). I then went to PlayStation Home (level up in Aurora, faster, faster!) for a few hours.. before playing some more Tetris. And then I watched some Skins US (finale, yay.. not bad) and Conan (lol).

Yeah, I stayed up past 3AM. Everything’s upside down anymore. Nothing matters. I don’t go outside anymore, except a few feet to check the mail on some days. Getting tired of eating the same stuff everyday (so pizza yet again tomorrow, I guess). And the worse is.. I never took the chance to really talk to my dad in a very long time, and I fear I’ll never get to again. About life experiences, y’know.. before it all started going to hell..

Oh well. It seems we’re finally about to reach our destination now.. See ya.



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