Sunday 03.20.2011 — It’s Red vs Blue!, not that one..

I awoke in the morning and got online for a little while. And that turned into a little too long. Damnit.. I soon watched Bleach (eh, they copy the overlong battle thing from Dragon Ball Z.. but at least they don’t always make Ichigo like Goku, who decides the winning side all the time), Kekkaishi (hahaha, good episode) and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (awesome episode, wow πŸ™‚ ).

And soon after that, I watched both last week’s episode and today’s new episode of Power Rangers Samurai. I think that last week was still just a little better than this week. I’ve never liked Power Rangers copying sentai, at first probably due to the footage being all fuzzy ( :p ).. but now that I’ve grown up it’s more about the Japanese culture bits still being there.. in an American show. :/ Though I did like the White Tiger. It reminded me of MMPR’s White Tigerzord (of course). Man, if Jackie Marchand where still working on this show, she would’ve put some very short reference to this somehow being that zord.. even if it got the continuity-obsessed fans scratching their heads again. :p ..I couldn’t pay much attention to the new episode due to texts coming and going during it though. I’ll have to give an additional viewing sometime this week, I guess. *shrug*

And then I got online. All afternoon. All day long. Waiting and waiting for the Power Rangers Samurai encode. I had some movies and such to watch.. but oh well… again. :p And the encode never came this time. Oh well.. I spent some of the time waiting finally doing a huge collection of links at entry’s end. I missed getting the real news rather than the BS the mainstream spits out.. With everything else, it’s just difficult to find time to collect them. :/

In primetime, I watched Simpsons (though it was a rerun), Bob’s Burgers (this week, the family of huge worms gets fascinated by animal buttholes…? um.. okay..?), Family Guy (lol, this is definitely my favorite episode in a while, from the main plot.. and the mention of Passions.. really do miss that show, haha, and I never saw the DirecTV exclusive episodes), Cleveland Show (hahaha I guess.. well, the Family Guy cameo was good anyway :p) and Smameless (very good episode this week, wow.. Amy Smart, yum! ..and next week’s the finale already? 😦 ).

And that about it for another day………………… See ya.

[ Japan Quake, Tsunami Dead, Missing Now At Least 20,000 ]
[ Quake Moved Land Mass Seventeen Feet ]
[ TEPCO Chief Weeps After Announcing Radiation May Kill Many ]
[ Feds REFUSE To Say How Much Radiation Coming From Fukushima ]
[ Radioactive Material In Tokyo Water Supply ]
[ Japan Finds Radioactive Food 90 Miles From Fukushima ]
[ Corrupt FDA To Monitor Japanese Food Imports ]
[ Feds Seize ALL Supplies Of Potassium Iodide – Report ]
[ Radioactive Plume Heading Toward CA Is ‘No Threat’ ]
[ First West Coast Radiation Detection Yakima, WA ]
[ CA Nuke Plants Sitting On Fault Lines ]
[ Obama Has Time To Predict NCAA Brackets, Golf, Amid Crisis ]

[ US Military Begins Newest War – Attacks Nation Of Libya ]
[ Rothschild Globalist Killers Pour DU On Libyans In Nuclear War ]
[ NWO War On Libya Uses Key Illuminati Word ‘DAWN’ ]
[ Video: Illegal NWO War, Killings To Take Libyan Oil Continue ]
[ Video: US, Brit, French Terror Attacks On Libya Continue ]
[ US-NATO New War In North Africa For Libyan Oil ]
[ Video: Ron Paul – US War On Libya Totally Unconstitutional ]
[ Arab League Condemns Bombing Massacre In Libya ]
[ African Union Wants Halt on Libyan Attacks ]
[ Michael Moore Blasts Killer Obama Over Libya ]
[ Obama’s Illegal Wars, The UN And The Draft ]
[ Fisk – First There Was Saddam,Then Gaddafi. Vacancy For New ‘Hitler’ ]

[ Latest Human, Environmental Damages From BP Gulf Disaster ]
[ Huge New Leak Near Deepwater Horizon – Skimming Underway ]
[ RARE Bacteria In Blood Similar To Oil-Eating Microbe! ]
[ NASA Confirms Toxic Dispersants DID Rain On Gulf Coast ]
[ Extreme Health Warning For All Gulf Of Mexico Residents ]
[ Louisiana Sues BP Oil for $1 Million A Day ]
[ BP Says No Bonuses To Execs Involved In Gulf Disaster ]
[ BP Directors Takes Bonuses For Year Of Gulf Disaster ]

[ Mind Control Patent – Proof Your TV And Computer Can Manipulate Your Brain ]
[ Video: Why No Intelligent People Trust The Mainstream Media ]
[ Morgellons, Chemtrails – The Biggest Crime Of All Time ]
[ Five Theories About Increase In Quakes ]
[ Egypt Welcomes The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss ]
[ Video: Monsanto Cleverly Shifts ALL Liability To Farmers ]
[ List Of GMO Foods – The Gene War On Nature ]
[ Cost Of Dropping Earth Temperature 1 Degree = $700 TRILLION ]
[ Canada Coverup – Radioactive Leak Into Lake Ontario ]
[ Aspartame Outrages Continue – Diet Coke For Heart Health ]
[ More Damning Data On Aspartame ]
[ EPA Lists Of Dangerous Chemicals Including Aspartame ]
[ USDA To Allow Unlabeled Aspartame (Neotame) In Organics ]
[ Absorbing Chlorinated Water ‘A Cancer Risk’ ]
[ People Absorb Cancer-Risk Chlorine, Etc When Bathing ]
[ Cancer Risk In Recycled Cereal Box Cardboard ]
[ Killer Gas Puts 200,000 Homes At Lung Cancer Risk ]
[ NY Fed ‘Intervenes’ In Currency Markets – Amount Secret ]
[ Pentagon Overpaid Billionaire by $200 Million ]
[ Department of Energy Wastes Stimulus Money ]
[ US Backing For ONE World Currency Stuns Markets ]
[ AZ Bill Defines Dual Citizens As ‘Natural Born’ Citizens ]
[ Lunacy – ‘Sweeping Revisions’ To Copyright Laws Proposed ]
[ Was God’s Wife Edited Out Of Bible? ]
[ Makow – The AIDS Bio-Weapon ]
[ Video: Aussie Trades Unionist Exposes The 911 Coverup ]
[ Video: Rense & Tillawi – The US is Israel’s Bitch ]
[ Video: Rense & Alexander – UFOs Myths And Realities ]
[ Huge UFO Reported Crashed In Siberia – Eyewitnesses ]
[ Seven Inch Fish Swallows 34 Inch Fish ]



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