I awoke in the morning and got online for a little while.. then I soon watched Sin City: Recut on Blu-ray. Currently $13.49 on Amazon. Good deal for two versions.. that I already own separately on DVD. :p Great movie though. Definitely enjoyed it, maybe more than I did originally. Where’s the damn sequel already? 😡 ..I got the PS3 online, then headed over to Netflix again and watched (single) episodes of Kids In The Hall (lol, classic.. that Dave song :p), Strike Witches (what better to combat invading alien spaceships during WWII than cute young people with propeller legs! ..waitwtf?!) and Shuffle! (enjoyed this slightly more than the previous one.. may actually watch more of this one.. maybe).

And then I got onto PlayStation Home for a little while (the new Aurora space is pretty cool 🙂 ).. then got online and ordered a pizza for supper. Just.. too much of the same thing in the fridge. I’m getting a little tired of this pizza too.. but it’s just about the only thing I can order online for delivery. Damnit.

In primetime, I watched last night’s Bones (ooh, very good episode this week 🙂 ), followed by tonight’s new Fringe (wow, another very good episode.. besides perhaps a couple slips, I thought Anna Torv did a good job acting as.. a pre-existing character), The Soup (lol) and Degrassi (hmmm, what IS up with Holly J? spoilers please, my nonexistent readership.. twas rhetorical).

And that was it. For today anyway. Though more and more often I do wish it was.. it.. See ya.


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