robot chicken star wars 3 dvd blu / today

Adult Swim & Warner Bros will at last be releasing Robot Chicken on Blu-ray with the July 12th DVD & Blu-ray release of Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode III. The Blu-ray will include two exclusive features.. whatever they may be. Sweet. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online, then I got the PS3 online and checked out the new stuff in PlayStation Home for a few hours. The Aurora space from the creators of Xi is pretty cool so far. as is Lockwood’s new mech suits with backflipping action! Woot. lol. :p ..I took too long on that and ran out of time to watch the movie I had wanted to watch. Damnit. And so I watched a couple more episodes of Being Human (eh, more reruns.. but I’m liking the chicks I see so.. I mostly prefer the UK actors for their better acting though, especially the Sally character).

After that, I played a little LittleBigPlanet 2. But then.. I eventually fell asleep. I awoke after 8PM.. and then I watched Community (haha.. damnit for ruining Catflish! I just got it in from Netflix yesterday! 😡 ), Perfect Couples (haha.. these couple shows begin to blend together after awhile.. Traffic Light seems quite similar), Parks & Recreation (lol, good episode.. yeah, I was so late that I could fast forward through the whole Office rerun.. yay), 30 Rock (HATE reality shows! Stopthatshitnao! was perhaps a bit funnier than usual.. which to me is not all that funny..) and Outsourced (lol).

And soon after that, I fell asleep again. Damnit. Shouldn’t have stayed up past 3AM last night.. Eh, nobody’s reading this crap anyway. See ya!


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