fall tv dvd dates / today

Quite a few early Warner Bros DVD & Blu-ray release dates have popped up on the VideoETA website: Gossip Girl: The Complete Fourth Season – Aug 23rd, The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Fourth Season – Sept 20th, Two & A Half Men: The Complete Eighth Season – Sept 13th, Fringe: The Complete Third Season – Sept 6th, Supernatural: The Complete Sixth Season – Sept 13th & Smallville: The Complete Tenth Season – Nov 8th. I was hoping for Smallville to be released earlier due to it not having to be released before a new season this time, but it would make more sense for them to release it closer to the holidays instead. *shrug*

I awoke in the morning to the cat getting into his food again. He always gets into the food in those thick paper bags. He just rips it open and knocks it on the floor. Mess. :/ ..After a bit of clean up, I got online and then watched some of the usual morning TV. And then I watched Being Human (season 3 finale.. wow, crazy ending, great episode) and The Cape (all but confirmed to be the final episode.. so of course make the plot lead up to a happy ending.. then stop it from happening, good job guys.. very good episode, until that point anyway :/ ).

Next, I finally watched All-Star Superman on Blu-ray. Great movie. This is easily the best DC Universe Animated Movie they’ve done so far. Wow.. Then I turned on that PS3 Netflix app and watched the recent Miley Cyrus episode of SNL (they’re supposed to be up by the following Monday.. but it wasn’t last week 😦 ), followed by another Kids In The Hall (lol, watching these in order). Then I got onto PlayStation Home for a little while before finally returning to LittleBigPlanet 2 (yup, never finished story mode.. yet.. 4 more trophies, up to 98% until level 8.. so close!).

I finally got my Sin City Blu-ray in the mail (yay, third and hopefully final time buying this on disc). It’s just $13.49 on Amazon and includes both versions of the movie.. plus it was the final days of my Amazon Prime free shipping, so.. Someone in PlayStation Home spelled opera as “apra” today, then I found “ulternet” (alternate) in a LittleBigPlanet 2 level description. When did schools start sucking? :/ At their job, I mean. Not in general. :p It’s probably like the hospitals tioday: doing lesser work to keep you coming back. 😦

I soon got online and ordered another pizza for supper (yum). then In primetime, I watched Chuck (good episode tonight.. and there goes my theory out the window :p ), The Event (it was alright again.. neat seeing that “factory” from Power Rangers Wild Force again though.. heh) and Skins US (hm, wasn’t expecting a teacher episode.. and I watched this slightly delayed on a DVRing rather than a download like usual, so yay? ..ooh, RJ Berger returns in a few weeks).

And that was about it for the night again.. *sigh* See ya.


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