Sunday 03.13.2011 — Deker, the cursed warrior… returns.

I awoke in the morning later than usual (probably due to daylight savings.. damnit!) and got online for a bit. And then I watched Bleach (man, Neliel is so hot– waitwtfaHORSE?! “Ichigo. Ichigo. Ichigo! Ichigo. Ichigo!” ..whatshisnameagain? “Ichigooo!!” Ohrightthanks.), Kekkaishi (heh, good episode) and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (great episode here.. cannot wait to own all the DVDs and watch the whole series over again, like I did with the first series 🙂’s getting pretty close so far, but I still like the first series just a bit better).

And then I followed that with last week’s Power Rangers Samurai (“I bow to you, monster.. and keel you at the same time! HAHA!” ..sword on the Megazord’s head, priceless.) and then.. today’s new episode of Power Rangers Samurai (this one was easily better than last week.. yeah, I’d much rather see both Ranger chicks in wedding dresses rather than one of the guys like in the sentai version.. thanks Saban! So it’s officially spelled “Deker” and his voice is credited to “Rick Medina”. How ’bout that? I wonder if Dayu’s possibly-human past has anything related to Deker’s possibly-human past? ..and the Rangers finally meet Bulk & Spike, in passing.. about time they shared a scene.. it’d be funny to see them just pass by the Ranger teens a whole bunch of times like this, then do another “Them?” scene for the finale, like in “Countdown To Destruction”, lol).

After that, I got online for a little while again. Or many hours, waiting for the encode of today’s Power Rangers Samurai. I had wanted to fit in a movie or two today. But oh well. :p ..The encode was finally out by about 5PM. I got some more hot pockets for supper, then watched my latest Netflix selection — It’s Kind Of A Funny Story. And it was, but it is mainly a drama. And I really liked it. It’s about this teenager who admits himself into a mental hospital after having suicidal thoughts. And he ends up somewhat more positive in the end. Man, I’d sign in right away if I were promised a romantic interest like Emma Roberts. Nice. >:) ..I got emotional a few times for relating.. and realizing that I have it a lot worse off than this guy.. *sigh*

In primetime, I watched Simpsons (hahaha), Bob’s Burgers (ugh, my ears nearly bleed every time the wife/mom character speaks.. but other than that? blah) and Cleveland Show (lol). I got online for a bit.. then realized that I completely forgot about Shameless. Ack. I returned to the living room and watched most of the final episode ever of Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien (yup, all the way from January 2010.. I was doing a disc-burning-then-deleting in my misc TV folder today and noticed I.. never really watched it.. I never watched much of Conan’s Tonight Show, expecting it to be around a while.. which it obviously wasn’t.. and nowadays I make sure to watch every single episode of Conan :p). I followed that with Shameless (the 11PM repeat right at the 10PM premiere, thanks Showtime! ..very good episode too, though still on the fence if I’d buy this show on disc.. maybe wait until its cheap? *shrug*).

And that was about it.. again.. See ya.



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