Saturday 03.12.2011 —

I stayed up bit late last night and eventually got the PS3 online. I watched a couple episodes of Kids In The Hall on Netflix streaming (lol), then checked out PlayStation Home for a little while.. and then I fell asleep.. I awoke the next morning (that was actually only a few hours later.. 4AM to 8AM.. not very long..), then soon watched Degrassi (liking the subplot continuing.. rather than ending once a two-parter is over) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (thought this three-parter was a bit too drawn out.. but this third part was pretty good actually).

After some more time online, I watched Charlie Sheen’s Winningest Moments (it would fit right in at Adult Swim.. yet it’s on SpikeTV.. all NMA CG segments.. I’m sure the media is revealing all this crap to discredit his 9/11 conspiracy thoughts :/ ) and The Ricky Gervais Show (lol).. I didn’t really feel in the mood to go out to the grocery store, even though I was offered to. I felt like crap. And so I told my aunt a few things that I wanted and she got them for me. A bit too many of some of them, but no big deal.. And soon after she left, I ate because all the food reminded my stomach that I hadn’t eaten since morning and it got all growly.

I watched two episodes of Castle (the recent two-parter.. more “movies” like this one please.. really liked this and the one last season.. so much so that I wished Dana Delaney’s new series was a spinoff.. and I thought it was.. but it isn’t 😦 ).. then got online again of course. And then it was 8PM, so I watched the movie Best Player on Nickelodeon (“What’s up with you library people?!?!” lol, the library book throwing was definitely the comedic highlight of this one for me.. and even though I don’t collect them, the scene where Quincy’s dad was ripping open all his toys had me gasping a bit :p).

Guess what? Yes, more time online! I saw some SNL.. then that was about it.. See ya.


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