I awoke in the morning and got online for a little while, then watched some Conan.. followed by some morning TV. And then I got online again for some more hours. Eventually, Linkara’s History of Power Rangers: Ninja Storm video was released and then I watched that as well. Not nearly as scathing as I thought (hoped?) it would be. :p And after all that.. it was somehow 3:30PM already. Ack.

After a bit more time online, I made supper a bit early (eggs.. in the microwave! ..I am running out of microwave-compatible groceries.. time for another pizza?).. and soon watched Friday’s new animated shows live for the first time in a while: GI Joe Renegades (not bad.. but I ended up falling asleep anyway *rewind* much for live..), Transformers Prime (another really good episode this week.. like the use of that preachy music during a particularly epic scene 🙂 ) and Young Justice (but this may have actually been the best of the three today, wow.. very good episode 🙂 ).

And after more time online, I watched Fringe at 9PM (an especially good episode.. and that ending, wow), followed by The Soup (lol, a bit better than usual).. And then I chose to get the mail before returning to my room for.. more hours online.. Yes, I get the mail real late. I don’t like the sun damnit. Haha @ one neighbor looking at me as if I was a stranger. :p

And so another day ends.. and also another entry where I try and not get myself too depressed. That’s getting pretty difficult though…


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