I awoke in the morning and got online, then I watched Mad Love (lol) and Being Human (wow.. and this isn’t even the finale? I then wasted some time on some morning TV.. I got he PS3 online early though due to the PSN maintenance later. I played through the LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Demo (wow, liking it.. will definitely buy when cheap 🙂 ).

And after that, I played a couple more levels of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (female Doc Ock, nice.. and the next to last level with Carnage, wow.. so tough for me.. on EASY.. I also tried a little of the final level too.. I’ve noticed a lot of little things ripped off from Batman: Arkham Asylum.. but the start of that final level.. ack, Mysterio=Scarecrow, not even trying to hide that fact :p).

I shut it off earlier than usual due to getting disconnected from PSN.. and I got online to news-gather. And I also ordered another pizza. Pizza Hut’s $10 pan pizza with all the meats (Meat Lovers + Chicken), omgawesome. I also got a few boneless wings due to them being on sale on Wednesdays. Not worth it really.

In primetime, not a thing on TV.. so I watched Hero Factory. A Nicktoons DVR recording from August 20th at like 3AM. Need that space. Delete. It was okay. A bit impressed by the voice cast they managed to get: John Schneider as a veteran good guy bot.. and of course Mark Hamill as the main villain. :p I would’ve preferred more Bionicle though. I followed that with Mr Sunshine (eh.. *plays LittleBigPlanet PSP level while it plays in background*, I still haven’t finished LBP2 story yet either..).

Blah. See ya.


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