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I awoke in the morning to the cat. I fed him, then got online for a little while.. I watched some morning TV and had some breakfast, then UPS arrived at about noon. I had decided to order today’s one and only new release I’m interested in getting way back on Saturday — The Walking Dead: Season 1 Blu-ray. Packaged very nice. I also got the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Part 2 DVD set. I notice the older sets get cheaper on Amazon. Hmmm..

Eventually, I managed to get myself offline.. and then I watched Greek (series finale, cried.. such a wuss 😦 ..I wonder if making it such an ending made ABC Family’s decision to cancel it a lot easier.. like with CW’s Life Unexpected..?) and Skins US (Daisy’s hot– oh wait, what chick on this show isn’t :p ..good show though).. before moving on to Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (two more levels completed, including another SpiderBatMan level– er, Spider-Man Noir I mean :p …good stuff, three to go 🙂 ).

I found a few things here and there to eat for supper.. Yeah, I’m getting a pizza tomorrow. -_- ..In primetime, I watched Glee (hehe, particularly good episode this week), V (same here, very good episode.. season finale next week looks good too), Raising Hope (hahaha), Traffic Light (haha) and Conan (rofl, especially during the animals :p).

..Well, hungry again. Damnit. See ya..


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