Sunday 03.06.2011 — Marijuana Man goes fishing

I awoke in the morning and got online for a little while. And then as my dad continued to sleep all morning, I watched Bleach (yes, Neliel backstory.. thanks), Kekkaishi (haha, good episode :p), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (I should get to buy– oh, I said that last week.. but I should, great show), Greek (good episode here.. series finale tomorrow 😦 ), The Cape (lol, lame episode overall.. “No cake for youuuu!” lol wtf.. except maybe Summer Glau’s Orwell scenes 🙂 ..series finale online in like a month because NBC are lazy bastards with no single hour anywhere on their schedule to devote to it, bah) and Supernatural (good episode.. lol, herpes :p ..and now all caught up, yay..)

My dad finally “woke up” from his restless sleeping fit on the couch. No newspaper today. 😦 My dad was felling way too bad for anything. He couldn’t take the pain in his arm anymore again and headed back to the hospital. I hope they can properly medicate him.. and that he returns home feeling better..

Time for my own “Superhero Time”. :p I watched Gokaiger (episode 03, just released from TV-Nihon.. not bad 🙂 ) and last week’s Power Rangers Samurai (still a good episode, of course.. “And I’m a good cook, right?” “..yeah.” “yeah..” lol :p).. soon followed by today’s new episode of Power Rangers Samurai (I really wasn’t liking this episode all that much, it was all so.. average.. and then this mysterious guy Decker showed up with some tie to the Rangers’ past.. “So, the Samurai Rangers have returned… but so have I.” Ooh, interesting. 🙂 ).

I got online for a few hours until dekabroken released the episode, then.. I stayed on for a little while longer. Over the last week, I’ve pretty much watched just about everything I have.. left to watch now, except Flashpoint and the final season of Medium (latter all on DVR). Wow. So I had a harder time finding something to watch, but eventually decided on last week’s episode of Being Human UK (heh, another very good episode of course.. two to go, including today’s episode and next weekend’s finale.. then I’ll begin all that unwatched Being Human US :p). I had some supper of the leftover pizza, then I got online for a little while again.

But soon, my dad called.. asking for someone else again, even though it should be my number & my name on his phone. >_> So he said that they moved him to another hospital and that they’ll be removing a blood clot from his arm tomorrow. I guess that’s what’s been causing all that pain all these weeks.. I just hope that his belongings aren’t stolen again. The last time he was there, they were. Someone mailed his wallet back to him later though. :/ And what about his car? I hope they’ll return him to it when this is all over with..

In primetime, I watched Simpsons (haha, good episode), Bob’s Burgers (a family of worm people run a restaurant.. how is that profitable? :/ especially with the wife with that whiny voice..), Family Guy (rofl, definitely a highlight episode.. I’ve been thinking Stewie hasn’t been as evil as he used to be for a long time now :p), Cleveland Show (hahaha.. @ the opening anyway.. then I lost more and more interest.. then it was over :p) and Shameless (pretty good episode this week 🙂 ).

And that was pretty much it.. See ya.


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