Saturday 03.05.2011 — boredboardboured

I awoke in the morning, then got online for a little while. And then I watched Degrassi (heh, good episode), Supernatural (lol, last week’s alternate reality episode.. crazy stuff) and The Ricky Gervais Show (lol). After that, we soon headed out to the grocery store where we were both able to buy some things (popcorn chips?! now I’ve heard of everything.. but I probably haven’t because that’s just an expression..).

Upon returning home, I.. pretty much took over the TV all day. He didn’t feel like watching anything.. And so I watched House (heh, very good episode this week), Flashpoint (putting a small dent into the unwatched episodes here.. good episode, got a kick out of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers‘ Amy Jo Johnson and Power Rangers SPD‘s Chris Violette appearing together in a couple scenes, haha), Being Human (“The Longest Day”.. wow, some episode).. and then SIX episodes of Castle (putting a very large dent into my unwatched episodes for this one, wow.. some episodes were better than others, which spurred me on to watch more.. plus I couldn’t find much else to watch.. Laura Prepon, wow, easily my favorite of these.. still I think two more to go before being caught up though).

My dad mainly fell in and out of sleep all day.. and had some supper. But when I changed it to Nickelodeon at 8PM, he opted to just go to bed. I watched Big Time Rush (lol, live action cartoons… fun), Victorious (Power Rangers Samurai‘s Felix Ryan did a great job in his role this episode, as did Kamen Rider Dragon Knight‘s Stephen Lunsford.. funny episode, haha) and R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series (ah, now another child star of Modern Family.. lol @ ..all the stuff not really meant to be funny but is.. the ending was neat).

After all that, I finally relinquished the TV and my dad came out of his room minutes after I went to mine. Ha.. But my dad’s arm still hurts upon using it too much. The pain goes away after dialysis (and sometimes if he rests the arm), but he doesn’t go again until Monday.. This is currently a case where the pain won’t stop.. and won’t let him sleep. 😦 And there’s also the random vomiting that’s been happening for a while. Maybe once every few weeks or so. It happened again tonight.

I eventually fell asleep (before 11PM even). But I’m not sure about him.. See ya..


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