My dad awoke me just to tell me he was heading to dialysis at about the usual 5AM. I got up shortly thereafter and got online for a little while, then watched some Conan (lol). After some more time online, I watched Eagleheart.. over the last of my Rice Krispies Treats cereal. 😦 I watched two episodes of Supernatural (good episodes, again) next, then my dad returned home from dialysis. Oh, and UPS arrived with my new order of Rice Krispies Treats cereal. Yay. :p

I tried some morning TV.. but my dad was already fast asleep.. So I got the PS3 online and turned on the Netflix app. I watched Kids In The Hall: Pilot Episode (hm, it would be nice to see them uncensored for the first time.. I only watched them on Comedy Central ages ago.. thanks for having the entire series, Netflix streaming! πŸ™‚ ) and Russell Brand In New York City (lol, a Comedy Central stand-up special for a few years ago). And then I played some more Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (thought that Sandman boss battle would be impossible.. but I finally beat it.. then I took out Vulture Noir too πŸ™‚ ).

I got the computer back online and ordered some pizza. Since my dad gave me $10 for it, I went ahead and got a second one since I was planning to buy one anyway (and leftovers rule!). :p ..In primetime.. my dad fell asleep almost immediately.. or even before 8PM.. I watched Smallville (very good episode, was hoping they’d do some sort of flashbackage to the start before the end.. and this was a nice subtle way to do it.. now we wait until April.. damnit 😦 ), followed by Transformers Prime (very nice episode.. liking the new human enemy so far), Young Justice (all pretty good), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (great idea to take a week break in the middle of a multi-parter.. and for a useless sports awards show too -_- ..yeah, good episode though) and The Soup (lol).

My dad finally awoke during the last show.. then soon went to bed…. I returned to my room for the night. *sigh* See ya.


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